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Academic Events

Good Learning Peer Salon Issue 17 | From "Interesting" to "meaningful": A Random Talk on Research Life

On the afternoon of December 25th, the 17th issue of the Good Learning Peer Salon was held in the meeting room 416 of the Xinchuan Building. In this salon, the 2020 national scholarship winner and the 2018 master student of journalism and communication, He Xiuhao, served as the speaker, and the 2019 master of journalism and communication student Dong Feifei hosted the event.


At the meeting, Senior He Xiuhao shared his academic path with the theme of "from ‘interesting’ to ‘meaningful’", and carried out successively around the three themes of reading, investigation and research.


In the first part, Senior He Xiuhao proposed steps and methods for reading, and also shared the cultural tradition of book collection with the students.


In the second part, Senior He Xiuhao described the process of walking into the field, collecting information, and writing notes to the students in detail, spreading out what he saw, heard and felt during the investigation, which was interesting and thought-provoking.


In the third part, from a research perspective, he pointed out that this process is a critical step from "interesting" to "meaningful".


Senior He Xiuhao has published papers in CSSCI journals such as Modern Communication, Television Research, and Contemporary Television. Therefore, he also explained in detail the precautions and details of paper writing, paper submission, and project application in this sharing session. Brings you a lot of academic dry goods.


The sharing of Senior He Xiuhao allowed the students present not only to harvest academic dry goods, but also to realize the beauty of exploring academic interest and the modest and rigorous learning attitude of Senior He Xiuhao.