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Academic Events

Good Learning Salon: Students from Salzburg and Our School Talked about the Comparison of Media Usage between China and Europe

On the evening of April 25th, students from both Salzburg and Our School got together in the classroom 206 and discussed the comparison of media usage between China and Europe. The exchange meeting is aimed to improve the communication between Chinese and Austrian students, to compare the media usage between China and Europe, and to make students of our school become more informed of University of Salzburg in Austria. Professor Zou Jun organized the meeting. The graduate students Zhao Dan and Yu Ligen from our school hosted the meeting.

Firstly, the host briefly introduced the overseas students from University of Salzburg, and students of our school warmly welcomed them. Secondly, all of the students were divided into four groups by drawing lots. Topics for each group were different. Students need to finish the discussion within 20 minutes and present their opinion by one representative. The meeting was all-English, so it was a good opportunity for our students to improve their oral English.

The topic for Group 1 was that "whether real photos and names should be used in social media?" And the overseas students Dominik made a statement as the representative. He referred that people in Austria prefer to use screen names than real names on social networks. And the habit of sharing photos varies from person to person. He doesn't like sharing personal photos online.

The topic for Group 2 was that "at the moment when mobile payments are becoming more popular, do you choose convenience or privacy?" The overseas students Philipp shared his view. He thought that China's Alipay and Wechat are very convenient, while in Austria people rely hevily on cash payment. But he also mentioned that mobile payment might lead to some privacy issues. In general, he believed that mobile payment actually does more good than harm.

The topic for Group 3 was that "in the context of shared economy, which is more efficient, standardization or personalization?" The overseas student Vivi from Thailand shared his opinion first. He believed that popularization of sharing economy is based on the national conditions. Then, the overseas students Lena and Klara also promoted their ideas that the sharing economy in China is ubiquitous, and most of them make life in China more convenient and efficient.

The topic for Group 3 was that "differences in frequency and channels used for online shopping .(mobile or PC)". The overseas student Bernhard presented their discussion result. He said that there is a big difference in online shopping between China and Europe. People in China use Taobao to buy alomst everything. It is convenient. and saves both time and labour. However, the process of online shopping in Europe is quite complicated and takes quite a long time.

At last, Professor Zou Jun briefly summarized the salon and sent delicate gifts for overseas students. Also, Bernhard introduced University of Salzburg in Austria and life there for students from our school for reference. He hoped that students from our school could take part in the exchange program raised by our school and University of Salzburg.