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Academic Events

"Home and school work hand in hand, starting from the new"--our school held an online parent meeting for 2020 undergraduate freshmen

At 3 p.m. on October 6th, the 2020 undergraduate parents' meeting was held online through the Tencent conference. The guests attended were teacher Gu Yonglin, the secretary of the party committee of the college, teacher Zhang Xiaofeng, the dean, teacher Luo Zhenglin, the deputy dean, and teacher Zhuang Xi, the deputy dean, teacher Yu Xiaosong, the deputy dean,  2020 undergraduate freshman counselor Ren Shuyang. Teacher Shen Fei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College presided over the meeting.


While playing the admissions video, the parents had a preliminary understanding of the facilities, equipment and student activities of the college. Afterwards, teacher Shen Fei gave a short opening remarks, expressing welcome and gratitude to the parents for participating in the meeting in a new format during the epidemic, and introducing the teachers who attended the meeting.


First, the dean, Mr. Zhang Xiaofeng, gave a speech. Teacher Zhang sincerely expressed his congratulations to the students for entering Nanjing Normal University and the gratitude of parents for trusting Nanjing Normal University, and introduced the strong disciplines, teachers, and alumni strenth of our school, saying that they will not betray everyone's trust.


Next, Mr. Shen Fei talked about the characteristics of undergraduate education management based on his work, so that parents have a better understanding of the university management model. He emphasized the difference between universities and primary schools.


Mr. Luo Zhenglin, the deputy dean, introduced the college's discipline construction and degree programs. He analyzed the current postgraduate study situation from three aspects: international, national, and personal, emphasized the advantages and importance of postgraduate study, and focused on the setting of degree points in our school, and said that the paths for postgraduate study are various. He suggested that postgraduate study should be planned from the freshman year.


Finally, Mr. Gu Yonglin, secretary of the party committee, made a concluding speech to the parent meeting. Teacher Gu briefly summarized the main points of several teachers' speeches, and again expressed that Nanjing Normal University deserves everyone's trust.


The parent meeting was successfully held in a special online format, which is inseparable from the support and cooperation of every freshman's parent to the work of the college. Through this meeting, parents have gained a better understanding of all aspects of our school and university life, and have high hopes for their children's future development.