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Academic Events

"Meet in the cloud, care for you and me" -- Our College Holds a Symposium On the Exchange of Foreign udents in the New Semester

On the afternoon of March 31, the school of Journalism and communication held a symposium on "meeting in the cloud and caring for you and me". The meeting was conducted through the synchronous communication between Suiyuan and Xianlin branch venues and cloud. Mr. Zhang Xiaofeng, President, Mr. Zhuang Xi, vice president, Mr. Zou Ju, vice president, Mr. Ji Chunhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Institute, as well as tutors of foreign students, counselors of the Institute, teachers of educational administration, Graduate secretaries and scientific research secretaries from Egypt, Bulgaria, Benin, Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Guinea, Malawi, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, etc Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students from Uganda, Indonesia and other countries attended the forum, which was presided over by Mr. Tang Minjia, Secretary of international exchange of the college.

At the beginning of the meeting, president Zhang Xiaofeng expressed the concern and greetings of the college to the students who are currently distributed at home and abroad. After that, the teachers made a brief introduction to the work of international students since the beginning of this semester, explained the relevant regulations of our school's international student management from the two levels of school and college, and gave detailed answers to the problems of international students' academic planning, credit revision, curriculum arrangement, learning methods and so on.

The overall atmosphere of the meeting was cordial and harmonious. The foreign students actively asked the teachers questions about the learning arrangements of the college. The teachers answered the questions carefully and made a detailed understanding of the study and life of the foreign students. After the meeting, Mr. Zhuang Xi sent a message to the international students in the hope that they can overcome the difficulties together, keep close contact with the college and teachers, and get a better learning experience in constant communication!

Through online + offline real-time communication across campuses, regions and time zones, the symposium strengthened the contact between international students and colleges during the epidemic period. Our college will continue to work hard to create good conditions for international students to ensure a safe, stable and friendly learning environment for them during their study in our college.