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Academic Events

News Class of 2018 of our college won the title of "Ten Best Model Class" of Nanjing Normal University

At six o'clock on the evening of December 28, the 13th undergraduate class "Ten Best Model Class" competition was held on time in the Xinbei Auditorium of Xianlin Campus. The member of the standing committee of school Party committee, the organization department minister, the United front work department minister Ben Guodong, the member of the standing committee of school Party committee, the propaganda department minister Cui Xinwei and some other leaders visited the scene.


After rounds of selection, a total of 16 classes shortlisted style exhibition evaluation activities, the final intense competition. Counselors and class leaders from various colleges serve as mass judges. Some of the college leaders, teachers and students also came to the scene to cheer for the college, making the entire auditorium presents a lively scene.


Through an inspiring video, the teachers and students reviewed the 12-year history of the Top Ten. Subsequently, in the applause thunder, the class style display evaluation officially began. The shortlisted 16 classes are displayed one by one from the aspects of class style construction, style of study construction, system construction, cultural construction, class teacher guidance, class characteristics, etc., and are integrated into their respective professional characteristics to give the audience the most wonderful audiovisual feelings.


Our 1801 news class stood out from 28 classes and successfully stepped onto the stage of the final. Sun Yukun of the 18 news class appeared as a reporter, allowing the audience to contact the reporter's report at close range, and completed the perfect opening with a new image.


Then, the editor famous for "cool thinking" and the editor famous for "warm life" two frequently interact with the audience, applause, cheers, screams, delayed to disperse. On the stage, they tit-for-tat, which editorial department can represent the 18-level news class to launch a war. In the process, they listed a number of achievements, from professional achievements to competition results, from class construction to internship experience. The teacher proposed to combine "cold" with "hot" to show the newsman's temperature, warmth and warmth.


Finally, one and two editors are inclusive and reach a settlement. Music sounded, the college party secretary Gu Yonglin, vice president Zhuang Xi, vice president Yu Xiaosong, deputy party secretary Shen Fei and so on came to the center of the stage, and participated in the teachers and students gathered together. In the spotlight, they and the new students on the stage strive to shout :" warm life, calm thinking 18 news rush ", the scene to another climax.


The performances of other participating colleges are equally brilliant. Class 1801 of the College of Psychology opened a psychological hotline for Nanjing Normal University to provide psychological assistance to socially vulnerable groups such as left-behind children; Class 1801 of the Academy of Sciences described their class achievements in the form of a combination of panda dance and Allegro performance. I love my class. I love my motherland.


At the end of the evaluation, teacher Ben Guodong announced the results of this activity. Ten classes, such as the 18 grade news class of our college, won the 13th undergraduate "Ten Best Model Class ".


The students of the new school also gained a lot in this activity. They further deepen the understanding of the importance of class style and style of study, and greatly improve the overall cohesion through mutual help and coordination. At the same time, this activity is a full affirmation of their remarkable achievements, and will encourage them to move forward and continue to write the brilliant new biography of Nanjing Normal University.