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News release of Jiangsu Radio and television media integration ideas and measures

This lecture is an integral part of the "sound, light, color and shadow" of the new communication school of Nanjing Normal University, presided over by Dr. Liu Jun, she had the honor to invite Ms. Liu Juan, assistant director of Jiangsu Radio and television network communication department, to share with Guangzhou master students the valuable experience of the development status and integration road of Jiangsu Radio and television media around the theme of "integration and change: ideas and measures of Jiangsu Radio and television media integration". And from the perspective of deep understanding of the industry, we have done a lot of experience sharing on how the new and old media work together, and also shared what is the high-quality content and what is the high-quality talents for the students who are interested in entering the radio and television industry, which has more important enlightenment and guiding significance for the students who are going to work.


First of all, Mr. Liu Juan briefly introduced the development ideas of Jiangsu Radio and Television General Station in recent years, highly concentrated the development ideas of radio and television headquarters for media integration: "clear the positioning of mainstream media, connect with internet communication".


Then, Mr. Liu Juan described the process of Jiangsu Radio and television media integration, from the trial of "shooting news" as the beginning of the integration process, to opening the national provincial radio and television news consulting client "litchi news" as the exploration of the integration process. In 2014, she started the acceleration mode in the integration process, subverted the traditional editing mode and process, and built litchi Yunping in 2015 Taiwan. Here, teacher Liu Juan focuses on litchi cloud's important role in the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress. In 2017, the media integration process of Jiangsu Radio and television was comprehensively promoted. Litchi news was launched in version 5.0, which realized the evolution of pure editorial recommendation products to intelligent recommendation platform. In addition, teacher Liu Juan also explained the assessment and incentive mechanism of financial media to the students who are interested in working in the radio and television group.


Then, Liu Juan explained in detail the development of Jiangsu Radio and television new media. In recent years, while consolidating and improving the influence of TV communication, Jiangsu Radio and TV station has vigorously expanded new communication channels, creating a three-dimensional new media cluster with "litchi news" client as the leader, covering different channels such as website, client, mobile TV, Internet TV, etc.


Teacher Liu Juan put forward "what is a high-quality talent at present? What is a good content? " There has been a new set of standards, and as a guide to promote the whole work of benign progress. In this regard, the teacher also answered that high-quality content should be shared and forwarded as the primary measurement standard, and the necessary qualities of new media talents were put forward: transposition thinking, creativity is the core competitiveness, comprehensive skills and comprehensive integration.


Then, teacher Liu Juan describes the practical operation of media integration through the case of litchi news. Taking the hot event "Liaoning little girl abuse incident" as an example, Liu Juan said that in the new media era, news is no longer the same as the traditional media era, and news largely depends on geography. The National hot news, which takes psychology as empathy, has become the object pursued by the national media. The new "head influence" in the Internet field has already become the cake that various media compete for. Litchi special news also vigorously captures national hot spots. We will make all-round efforts to break through the territorial label and thoroughly implement the national strategy. As the reporters of litchi special news, they are fighting for the first scene and competing for speed in major hot spots. In order to ensure the first time to arrive at the news scene, reporters in the office with a package, to ensure that the departure within an hour. Only with temperature, cooperation and team guarantee can we make news at the first time.


However, it is not enough to seize the first spot of news. Teacher Liu Juan once again proposed that we need to find the second landing point skillfully and explore the angle in the back shift of the front line. In terms of topic selection, we should select topics with more temperature, details and public opinion guidance. The selection of topics with more node significance and in line with the current hot topics. In addition, in the specific operation, we should pay attention to the position and guidance, and convey the values and attitudes of litchi special report. Liu Juan stressed that in the same hot spot, we should find the difference between other media and make reports with more guiding force of public opinion. In the content of the report, we should jump out of the framework of the matter, respond to the proposition of the times with more in-depth reports, promote the solution of social problems, and tap the resonance point of the audience.


Then, teacher Liu Juan proposed that the new media of TV and radio should complement each other to create a compound influence. Taking the special topic "ten years of growth: the same affinity between Jiangsu and Mianzhu" as a case study, in this interview, two journalists from the news center previously stationed in Mianzhu also joined the report. They were both the interviewees and provided many professional suggestions.