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Academic Events

Opinion of the Communication(No.4):  Zhou Xining Shared "Planning, Creating Infinite Possibilities"

At 9:40 on the morning of May 29th, Zhou Xining, Deputy General Manager of the Operation Center of Yangtze Evening Post and Excellent Operator of Xinhua Press Media Group, visited our school and brought the theme lecture "Planning, Creating Infinite Possibilities" to our graduate students in Room 206. Yang Xiaoxia presided over the lecture.
Centering on the theme of this lecture, Ms. Zhou explained it in detail from three aspects. First of all, about communication, she explained the importance of mastering appropriate communication skills through two cases: "Zifeng Climbing Competition" and "Nanjing Center Climbing Competition". As a planner, he/she should be good at expression and listening, with affinity and sufficient knowledge reserve, and know how to give up.
Secondly, in terms of planning, she thinks that "good planning should enrich it with good stories". In 2016, the "Jiangsu Mobile Internet of Things Publicity Plan -Everything connected, communication boundless", presided over by Ms. Zhou, won the Classic Case Award of National Newspaper Advertisin Award. This program is comprehensive and professional, which is a typical case of the integration of traditional media and new media.
Thirdly, in terms of execution, she believes that persistence is not a bad thing. In the planning case sharing, Ms Zhou told the students through his own experience that "execution" is an indispensable link to accumulate experience. no matter how good planning is, it will be a "castle in the air." without the good implementation.
Finally, Ms. Zhou sincerely shared her experience in practical work with the students present, and warned the students to have their own goals and efforts, maintain a positive attitude towards their own life and make a good plan for life, while she also sincerely hoped that the students have a better future.