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Academic Events

Opinion of the Communication(No.5):Liu Jianping shared "Media and People, Change and Invariance: My Opinions on Journalism Practicing in the Past Twenty Years"

On June the 12th, Liu Jianping, Master of Communication of Shanghai Jiaotong University, general manager of Simei Media Innovation Division,the first privately-owned listed media company in China visited the School of Journalism and Communication,Nanjing Normal University.In Conference Room 408 of Journalism and Communication Building,he gave a lecture on the theme "Media and Man, Change and Change - My Opinions on Practicing in the Past Twenty Years".Teacher Yang Xiaoxia presided over the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Liu Jianping shared with us in detail his experience of 20 years' contacting with the news in vivid and plain language.Mr. Liu divides his experience into three stages: as a pure professional journalist,as an entrepreneur,as a communicator and a professional manager.Then, Mr. Liu Jianping explained "change and invariance" to the students.What has changed in the past 20 years? It is the Internet that drived society to change. Media and technology complement each other. Every media revolution is driven by technological progress.At the same time,what remains unchanged in the tremendous changes is the content.Whether in the past or in the present,the core concern of journalism is "people". When we emphasize technology, we should not regard the media as a machine without temperature.The content made by journalists is actually a reflection of their hearts. Behind the content is actually "people".

At the end of the lecture,Teacher Yang Xiaoxia summarized the lecture.She pointed out that although Mr. Liu Jianping's experience is personal,it can bring endless inspiration to students in learning, work and other aspects.Students need to learn Mr. Liu's positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life.