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Academic Events

Our College Held a Special Education Conference for Freshmen of Grade 2019

On the morning of September the 2th, the conference on special subject education for freshmen of Grade 2019, School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing Normal University was held in the lecture hall of the International Conference of Tianjiabing South Building, Suiyuan Campus. Dean of School of Journalism and Communication,Professor Zhang Xiaofeng, Vice-President Luo Zhenglin, Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, Professor Shen Fei and all postgraduate freshmen of Grade 2019 attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Professor Zhang Xiaofeng briefly introduced the basic situation of the freshmen of this year's graduate students, and pointed out that the graduate students should "grasp the main business and take the right path" under the topic of "Selecting NNU to gather in the School of Journalism and Communication". He emphasized that the major business of graduate students is not only to learn knowledge, but also to learn the methods to be a good man and do scholarly research. At the same time, Professor Zhang Xiaofeng taking the typical graduate students in our college as an example, pointed out that as a "successful person who changes fate by knowledge", the majority of graduate students should always change their attitude and never forget their first thoughts.Subsequently, the vice-dean, Mr. Luo Zhenglin, gave a lecture on the "Postgraduate Identity Orientation and Growth Planning". He reviewed the long history of our university and our college, hoping that the majority of students can plan their time and set goals reasonably.

Finally, Shen Fei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, introduced to all the freshmen the policy of graduate student scholarship and school rules and regulations, and explained in depth the comprehensive evaluation and the process of joining the Party which concerned by the students.