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Academic Events

Our college launched a seminar on learning and sharing in the China News Communication Lecture

At 12:30 noon on December 22, our school held a study and sharing seminar in the China News Communication Lecture Hall 426, Huacheng Building. Mr. Zhuang Xi, the deputy dean, Mr. Shen Fei, the deputy secretary of the party committee of the college, and the party secretary and propaganda committee members of each class of our college from the 2018-2020 level were present to participate in this sharing forum. This symposium was presided over by Mr. Zhan Wei, secretary of the Youth League Committee.

First, each class committee shared their thoughts after watching the "China News Communication Lecture" in turn. Although the majors they studied are different and the entry points for their perceptions have their own merits, each class committee felt the warmth and hope sent by these journalists in the live reports of the epidemic, and expressed their journalistic work to embark on the journey of fighting the epidemic. Tribute to the person.

Then Mr. Zhuang Xi put forward three key points on what we should do in the future to become all-media talents with international vision. First of all, when facing complex information, we must learn to dig out the truth of news, remove the false and keep the truth; second, we need to consider the needs of users and substitute the news scenario; understand the power of resonance, and form empathy through communication, in order to better tell Chinese stories.

Then, Mr. Shen Fei started with a small audience program "I am a counselor" planned by China Education Television, and pointed out that in today's business-oriented era, media professionals must stick to their original intentions in content, topic selection, and value standards. , And put forward requirements to the class committees. Teacher Shen Fei hopes that all class members will transform their personal thinking into the efforts of the whole class and take the initiative to assume their own roles and responsibilities; at the same time, they need to properly handle the relationship between reality and reality, emphasizing that news is the result of the combination of theory and practice, and the two complement each other; finally, students The relationship between near and far should be treated in a correct way, pointing out that knowledge and action should be united, and lifelong learning should be achieved.

At the end of the sharing session, Mr. Shen Fei concluded: “A good journalist has not only story feelings but also practical skills”. I hope that the China News Communication Lecture Hall will become normal in the future. At the same time, I also hope that through the college’s Help, students can become better journalists in their future studies.