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Academic Events

Our college organized 2020 undergraduate freshmen to watch the first class of school

At 2 pm on September 24th, our college organized the 2020 undergraduate freshmen to watch the first lesson of the beginning of the school in the Huacheng Building Studio. The 2020 instructor, Mr. Shuyang studied with students together.

Hu Minqiang, secretary of the school's party committee, and Sun Youlian, member of the party committee's standing committee and vice president, presided over the first class of this school. Sun Youlian expressed the hope that the 2020 freshmen in Nanning Normal University will not only gain knowledge, but also grow and meet a better self.

First of all, Secretary Hu Minqiang reviewed the centuries-old history and glorious history of Southern Normal University, hoped that the students could inherit the red gene of Southern Normal University and strive to be a member of Southern Normal University who worked hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Then, He led the students to revisit the meaning of the "good life" spirit advocated by Mr. Wu Yifang, with the help of Mr. Tao Xingzhi, an educator who vigorously promoted civilian education, and Professor Wang Fenghe from the School of Environment of our school who rushed to the frontline of the epidemic during the epidemic. 

Then, He put forward the third point of expectation, hoping that the students will always keep the eagerness to learn and strive to be a new wave of "pathfinders" with high skills. He took the master of Chinese painting Xu Beihong and the women's volleyball player Hui Ruoqi as examples. He also hoped that students will regard "hard work" as the normal state of university life and bravely pursue their ideals. .

Later, He pointed out that for a long time, dedication to the people and service to the society have always been an important theme in the history of the Southern Division. He expressed the hope that every newly enrolled student can consciously integrate their personal struggle into the great cause of national development and national rejuvenation, and use their youthful dreams to take on the important tasks given by the times.

Finally, Sun Youlian, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, summarized the main content and ardent expectations of the first lesson of Secretary Hu Minqiang to the students, hoping that the students can inherit the spirit of Nanning Normal University, practice hard skills, and strive to become a person who is not afraid of difficulties. Nanshi students who are in danger and bravely shouldering the mission of the times.