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Academic Events

Our college welcomes the class of 2020 undergraduate freshmen

On September 16, our college welcomed the class of 2020 undergraduate freshmen. The teachers and volunteers waited early to go through the admission procedures for the freshmen downstairs in the dormitory. After packing up their personal belongings, the students came to the signature wall of Huacheng Building one after another, leaving behind their first autographs and the first group photo in Nanshi.


In the afternoon, Gu Yonglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy, Shen Fei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhan Wei, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Shuyang Ren, a class 2020 counselor, went to the dormitory to visit the freshmen, learn about the freshmen’s occupancy situation, and exchange all aspects of study and life in the new semester. The teachers of the college welcome all students to join the big family of Xin Chuan, and hope that everyone will plan time reasonably and spend four years fully in university.


That night, our college officially held the 2020 freshmen military training mobilization meeting and freshmen grade meeting in the Huacheng Building Studio. Teacher Shen Fei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy, Teacher Ren Shu Yang, a 2020 freshman counselor, and Part-time counselor Zhou Weiwei, attended the conference.


First of all, Teacher Shen Fei gave a military training mobilization speech for the students. Subsequently, teacher Ren Shuyang presided over the convening of the freshman grade meeting. From the three perspectives of “about me, about you, and about the university”, she emphasized the issues of rules and safety while getting to know each other with his classmates, and talked about the topic that “what kind of person do you want to be in four years” with students on site. Finally, Teacher Zhou Weiwei shared the study and life experience during college for the freshmen.


Affected by the epidemic, this was the first time in recent years that a military training mobilization meeting had been held on the day of the school report. On Friday, the 2020 students will officially start a two-week military training.