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Academic Events

Our School Held an Expert Argumentation Conference on Provincial Key Subjects

 At nine o’clock on March 10th, the Expert Argumentation Conference on Project Task Document of Provincial Key Subjects in Journalism and Communication was held in our school. As the experts of feasibility study meeting, dean of School of Journalism & Information Communication at Huazhong University of Science and Technology Zhang Kun, deputy dean of Journalism School at Fudan University Zhang Taofu, director of Literature and Art Section in Jiangsu Provincial Publicity Department Zhang Hongjun, deputy director of subject construction office in Nanjing Normal University Yang Weiben, and professor Fang Xiaohong of School of Journalism & Communication at Nanjing Normal University attended the conference. Professor Zhang Kun acted as the leader of expert group, deputy dean Luo Zhenglin hosted this conference. 

Dean Zhang Xiaofeng provided a brief introduction of the development situation of this subject in recent years, and the formulation work of project task document of provincial key subjects was reported as well.During the part of argumentation, aiming at the actual development of journalism and communication subject in Nanjing Normal University, around all the content plans in the task document, the members of expert group led by Professor Zhang Kun, expressed their views on key issues of subject construction such as pork barrel, talents cultivation and research advantage respectively.

After nearly an hour of discussion, finally the expert group gave complete advice about the project task document set by our school. The advice fully recognized the efforts that our school has put into the subject construction of journalism and communication for a long time, and also made some specific suggestions for future development in this subject.