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Academic Events

Our school held the 2020 professional sub-mobility conference

In order to let the students who are facing the professional triage have a deeper understanding of the three majors of news, advertising, network and new media, at 18:30 on March 21st, our college held a professional tributary conference. Participants included Mr. Zou Ju, the dean of the Radio and Television Department, Mr. Cao Ruiqing, the deputy dean of the News Department, Mr. Zhu Qiang, the dean of the Advertising Department, and Mr. Gao Shanbing, the dean of the Network and New Media Department, as well as all freshmen in journalism and communication.


First of all, Mr. Zou Ju explained the starting point of our college's policy of "first major categories, then diversion", that is, "thick foundation and wide-ranging". He mentioned that students must have both professional skills and general knowledge so that they have more opportunities to find their own way out. Next, the three department heads introduced the three majors.


Teacher Cao Ruiqing introduced the glorious past and promising future of our journalism department as a whole. In order to cope with future changes, the Department of Journalism will train students to be professional, compound, innovative, and international. The development of journalism undergraduates after graduation mainly includes media, further education, party and government agencies and institutions, social institutions, telecommunications departments, and Internet companies. In addition, Teacher Cao also introduced the curriculum of the Department of Journalism. As a veteran major in our school, the journalism department has a strong faculty team, and the students in the journalism class have strong practical and innovative capabilities. But whether to choose a journalism department depends on whether the individual has an interest in paying attention to social changes and unknowns, whether he has an ideal that allows people to see the times, and whether he has the qualities of persistence and patience.


Since Teacher Zhu Qiang and Teacher Gao Shanbing were on a business trip, they did not give a detailed introduction to the two departments of Advertising and Network and New Media. However, both teachers suggested that students communicate with their predecessors and choose their favorite major.


Finally, Teacher Zou Ju said that the three majors have different biases, but they overlap and merge with each other. Regardless of the choice, students should meet the needs of the industry and cope with future development through professional learning.