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Academic Events

Our School Held the Second Doctoral Dissertation Defense Two Doctors Passed the Defense and Obtained PhD Degree

At 9 o'clock of May 16th, our school held the second doctoral dissertation defense at Room 502. This defense divided into two parts, the two doctors Yu Wenjun and Bu Xinzhang respectively defended their dissertations“ Research on Media Control and Restriction of Lüshun-Dalian Leased Territories ”and“Study on media discourse construction of peasants’happiness in China Pictorial agricultural reports ”and smoothly passed the defense.  

Yu Wenjun and Bu Xinzhang had put a lot of labor and work into their dissertations. Dr. Yu Wenjun taught himself Japanese, translated a lot of first-hand materials about Lüshun-Dalian Leased Territories in the period of Japanese occupation from Japan, that largely filled the gap in this aspect. After dealing with busy matters of school, Dr. Bu Xinzhang elaborately conducted a reasonable review of historical materials, summed up thousands of related reports, and then completed his doctoral dissertation. 

After the end of statements, the dissertation committee fully confirmed their dissertations, and also proposed questions and suggestions.