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Academic Events

Our School Holds the Peer Salon "My Academic Path: Departure, Planning, Breakthrough" of 2019 Postgraduate Entrance Education

On the afternoon of September 2, Fan Haichao, 2019 Ph.D. student of the School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing Normal University, brought a lecture titled "My Academic Path: Departure, Planning, Breakthrough" for the 2019 graduate students in the lecture hall of Xinchuan Building 102. The salon was chaired by ZhangZheng Wuwen, chairman of the our college graduate union.

Fan Haichao introduced his theme to the audience from his own experience and shared his experiences and suggestions in professional study, book reading, research papers and lifestyle with graduate students who were listening. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious.
First of all, Fan Haichao shared two suggestions for professional learning: First, thinking about his own research direction in the classroom, a certain point in the class may be able to carry out in-depth mining; Second, carefully write course papers and seize opportunities for publication. Among them, Fan Haichao also emphasized the importance of communication with the tutor, and reminded the freshmen to allocate time reasonably and complete the course paper ahead of time.
Secondly, Fan Haichao talked about two forms of book reading: the state of purposelessness and the state of clarity of purpose. He pointed out that the former can solve life problems, the latter can solve learning problems. In addition, he shared with the new students the common way to download notes and e-book.

In addition, in terms of lifestyle, Fan Haichao also gave some suggestions to the new students. He hopes that the students will develop the habit of putting down the mobile phone, refusing to delay, and learning to manage emotions, time and physical health. Finally, he wished the students a good postgraduate life and patiently answered questions raised by the students.