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Academic Events

Our School Holds the Peer Salon "Reading and Research: Two Core Issues in the Postgraduate Stage" of 2019 Postgraduate Entrance Education

On the afternoon of September 3, Cao Ruiqing, lecturer and doctor of the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing Normal University, presented a peer salon entitled "Reading and Research: Two Core Issues in the Postgraduate Stage” to the new graduates in the lecture hall 102. The salon was presided over by Gu Yonglin.

During the lecture, Mr. Cao combined with his growth experience during his personal study and research, and contacted his own research and teaching practice to share the proposition of “learning first, then reading”from the six aspects.
First of all, Mr.Cao explained "why graduate students need to study". He believes that the "social role" we undertake determines that we need to do some research. Secondly, he explained to everyone that "what is research", that is, "take away the works, methods, and processes, and see what remains." The teacher thinks that the core thing to do in research is to understand the world.Third, the he talked "How should we do research?" In his view, the starting point of research stems from a puzzle, which is derived from a question. Therefore, he thinks we have to ask "why" more and always think about "how is this" ?

Fourth, he explained to everyone "why should we do reading". He believes that by reading, students can know what problems others have raised, the "common sense" that bothers others, and see the story behind the appearance. He stressed that doing research requires reading a lot of books. Fifth, the teacher introduced "which books should we read". In terms of academic writings, he believes that he should read more classics and extensively explore the classics of various disciplines. In addition, the teacher also recommended some classic books and top journals to the students based on his many years of learning. Sixth, the teacher gave a detailed explanation of how to read. First of all, the selection of books should be classic, extensive, and in line with their own tastes; Secondly, to read academic journals, read only the best 2-3 magazines in each discipline, and cover both Chinese and foreign languages.

Mr. Cao's explanations were humorous and profound, and vividly explained the two core issues during the study. The students further deepened their understanding of academic research. The atmosphere was particularly strong and won many warm applause from everyone.