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Academic Events

Our School Holds the Special Lecture on "Graduate Academic Atmosphere and Teacher-student Relationship Construction" of 2019 Postgraduate Entrance Dducation

On the morning of September 3, Prof. Ni Yannian, the doctoral tutor of the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing Normal University and the director of the Institute of Journalism and History of China, presented the special lecture named "Graduate Academic Atmosphere and Teacher-student Relationship Construction". The lecture was presided by Mr. Gu Yonglin, the Party Secretary of the School.

Professor Ni opened the exchange from sharing his memory. In connection with his own research experience, he talked to students that research is to solve a problem, so we must remember why we started research. As a student, we must pay more attention to our country and society, read more scholars' literature, and use our language to solve problems in our own country.

For the treatment of teacher-student relationship, Professor Ni also has his own unique insights, and gives the following suggestions: First, there must be a correct political position and sincere patriotic feelings. Graduate students must have their own thoughts when discussing with teachers. At the same time, they must respect the opinions of others. The second is to keep the promise, which means don't easily promise that you can't do it. He hopes that graduate students will have a punctual concept and be able to complete tasks in a defined time.

In the lecture, professor Ni taught the students how to become a qualified graduate student with the help of many years of tutor experience, which made the freshmen benefit a lot, and also provided valuable guidance and rich reference for the postgraduate life they just started.