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Academic Events

Our school's 2020 Radio and Television Professional Master Class held the first offline learning exchange meeting

On the morning of October 23, the students of the 2020 Radio and Television Professional Master Class in our college held the first offline learning exchange meeting since enrollment. The exchange meeting was held in Conference Room 304 of Xinchuan Building. It was hosted by Professor Liu Yongchang, Dean of the Department of Radio and Television. The school party secretary Gu Yonglin, and Teacher Liu Faqun, Teacher Qian Jun, Teacher Gao Hao attended the exchange meeting.


In the first part of the exchange meeting, a collection of creative self-introductions made in advance by the students was played. Some students used game software to construct a mimic environment to restore the Xinchuan Building, and some students created an original rap to introduce themselves. Each short film was full of personality, fully showing their professional background and personality characteristics, and the atmosphere of the exchange meeting became enthusiastic in a short time. The film not only deepened the students' understanding of each other, but also showed and improved the class cohesion.


In the second stage of the meeting, Mr. Gu Yonglin, the secretary of the Party Committee of our school, gave a speech. Secretary Gu affirmed and appreciated the new forms of communication adopted by the students in this exchange meeting. He encouraged in-service students to return to campus more and participate more in school activities. Teacher Liu Faqun carefully introduced the school's training plan and requirements for Radio and Television Professional to the students, and explained the course arrangements and graduation conditions for them. Teacher. Qian Jun introduced the progress of graduate students’ work at this stage, and said that school leaders and teachers would always pay attention to the study and life of students in Radio and Television Professional. Teacher Gao Hao met with everyone for the first time as the class teacher of the Class of 2020 Radio and Television, and emphasized that as a student of the College of Journalism and Communication, he must clearly and strengthen his status as a “graduate student” and demand himself with higher academic research standards.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu Yongchang, the dean of the Department of Radio and Television, summarized the exchange meeting. Mr. Liu expressed his earnest expectation for the students in the Master Class of the 2020 Radio and Television College. It is hoped that the students of Radio and Television can create more excellent works and obtain more honors through their studies in school.