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Academic Events

Professor Tang Guoan Gave a Special Report on "Teachers' Ethics" to Our School

At 14:30 on June 13th, the School of Journalism and Communication invited Professor Tang Guoan, expert of the Teacher's Ethics Demonstration Group, doctoral tutor of the School of Geography, and the director of the Key Laboratory of Geographic Information Science of Jiangsu Province, to give a special report on"several issues of competent student tutors". The report was presided over by Gu Yonglin, the Party Secretary of the College. All the faculty members of the college were present to listen.
In the report, Professor Tang cut through the three aspects of situation and problems, ideas and measures, experience and reflection, combined with his rich teaching experience and a large number of examples to prove and explain the faculty and staff in our school.
Later, Professor Tang pointed out that in the process of cultivating graduate students, attracting excellent students is an extremely important factor. He analyzed the main points of judging outstanding students from the perspectives of ideology and morality, knowledge base, thinking ability and development goals. He took Xie Yiqun, Song Xiaodong, Yu Tianxing, Zhang Yongxin and other outstanding students as examples. He believed that the tutor should encourage students with critical thinking, discover students with better scientific thinking, and give brave, confident, and energetic students a platform for development.
At the same time, Professor Tang also talked about the difficulties in the cultivation process, such as strict academic norms, mastering the learning rhythm and growth rhythm of the students, the formation and collaboration of the tutor team and the collaboration and common growth of the graduate team. He detailed the staffing and operation mechanism of the graduate workstations, and made in-depth explanations on the reform measures and innovation highlights. At the end of the report, Professor Tang and the faculty and staff of our school shared the hope that the graduate tutors would be able to calm down and explore and work hard. They should continue to work hard in cultivating and training graduate students' innovative scientific thinking, and hope that the two hospitals should study together. And extensive cooperation in the field of talent development, with a view to benefiting more students.