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Academic Events

Professor Zhang Yuyan, School of Journalism of University of Missouri Shares "From Media Convergence News to AI News"

In the afternoon of December the 9th, Mr. Zhang Yuyan, director of China cooperation project of global exchange project department, School of journalism, University of Missouri, came to our school and brought an academic lecture entitled "media convergence news and artificial intelligence news: practice in the news industry and innovation in the academic community" in conference room 502 of news and  communication building. Professor Zhang Xiaofeng presided over the lecture.
At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Zhang Yuyan gave a brief introduction to the University of Missouri and the school of journalism, and introduced the theme of the lecture through the brief introduction of the top-level design of the central government on deepening the development of media integration strategy, elaborating the practical origin, concept and historical development trend of media integration, and at the same time introduced the professional practice of media integration in journalism teaching of the school of journalism of the University of Missouri.
Then, Mr. Zhang Yuyan mainly talks about various extension forms of media convergence news practice, including sensor news, data news and visualization, UAV news, mobile news, virtual reality and augmented reality news, artificial intelligence news, etc. At the same time of theoretical explanation, Mr. Zhang Yuyan, supported by vivid cases, helps students understand the connotation of "media integration" more intuitively and figuratively.
In addition, as to the application of artificial intelligence in the field of news, Mr. Zhang Yuyan reminds us to pay attention to the possible deviation and fallacy when technology integrates with news principles and news ethics.