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Pursuit of Truth Salon : Associate Professor Zhu Qiang Talked about the Evolution of Public Speech From Aristotle to Trump in the view of Communication

“In nearly every situation, I would regard Huang Han as Chinese expression template,especially for female expressions”.  At the noon of May 24th, Mr. Zhu Qiang came to Teachers’ Salon, brought an exchange and sharing with the theme of “the Evolution of Public Speech From Aristotle to Trump in the view of Communication ”.

 What’s public speech ?
Mr Zhu Qiang thought, at present, the biggest obstacle of public speech is that many people  mistake it for being sanctimonious. Actually, public speech is not this meaning. Mr Zhu Qiang defined public speech from the view of semantics, he pointed out, public speech’s English expression highlighted three points: the first, one person speaks to a whole group of people; secondly, a set theme; thirdly, at the set time. Zhu Qiang prefers Taiwan’s translation, called “Public speaking”. 

Public Speech’s Core Principles 
 Mr. Zhu shared the common“TTT” principle in public speech, that is ”Tell them what you will tell;Tell them;Tell them what you have told”. 

Public Speech’s Strategy
Aristotle laid the basic expression paradigm of western discourse, he put forward three indicators ”ethos, logos, pathos” to improve speakers’ speaking reliability, which is matching with three levels of “temperament, logic and emotion”. Mr Zhu indicated that knowledge,experience, title, decent dress, sincere attitude and other aspects are essential. In a public speech, we should make our discourse form clear points of view, for example using “TTT” principle, speak with emotion and respect every audience. 

Style and Paradigm of Personal Speech 
In present communication era focused on Internet, public communication will be more and more secularized, popularized and even vulgarized. Taking the presidential election of Donald Trump as an example, Mr. Zhu pointed out that the campaign speeches of Trump’s children made a lot of credit. Therefore, Zhu Qiang summarized the style orientation of personal speaking in the current public sphere communication, nothing more than three types: loading force, catfight and dobe.