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Academic Events

Pursuit of Truth Salon: Images are boundless: Associate Professor Tang Tuanjie Shared Theoretical Framework and Thinking of Picture Communication Research

“Picture communication is using pictures to spread information. People not only are willing to watch, but are full of desire for picture information sharing, picture communication is very active. ” On June 1st, Associate Professor Tang Tuanjie brought a wonderful sharing with the theme of “Theoretical Framework and Thinking of Picture Communication Research”. Associate Professor Tang Tianming hosted this salon. 

Mr Tang indicated that picture communication can be mainly divided into macroscopic and microscopic paths. Macro perspectives include basic, application and development theory research; micro perspectives cover “5W” in the process of picture communication, it refers to research on communicators, communication contents, communication channels, communication effects and audiences. Mr Tang talked pointedly of communication contents and channels. As for the judgment of picture communication’s value, he adopted “Selective Gatekeeper Model” by American scholars J•Galton and M•H•Lucci, listed ten influential factors of communication value, including: time, intensity, proximity or correlation, and continuity, etc. Mr Tang pointed out that we can also study pictures in the view of informatics and semiology. He emphasized, the common research method is comparison method that contains vertical and horizontal comparison while doing qualitative analysis on picture contents. In the analysis of communication channels, Mr Tang sorted out the characteristics and functions of interpersonal communication, organizational communication and mass communication in picture communication. At the end of this salon,  teachers and students present here had extensive contact with Mr Tang, they discussed some topics such as privacy management, images in public opinion monitoring, photography education and photography and technology,etc.