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Academic Events

Pursuit of Truth Salon: Professor Chen Long Shares the Interdisciplinary Research and Academic Innovation of Journalism and Communication

On the morning of April 11th, Professer Chen Long, the dean and the doctoral tutor of School of Communication of Soochow University, was invited to our school to give us a lecture. Professor Chen shared his opinion about the development prospect and the breakthrough of Journalism and Communication based on the cutting edge and theoretical foundation. And Luo Zhenglin, our deputy dean, hosted the lecture.

Professor Chen shared the development of Journalism and Communication. He said that at the forming period of the discipline, the academic system is incomplete. Then scholars from sociology and history entered the discipline, which developed journalism and communication. Before the 21st century, the discipline was always in a dilemma. Because compared wuth other disciplines, journalism and communication has no complete and intimate system. In this context, Professor Chen discussed the development and innovation of the discipline of communication with our students.
Professor Chen said that it is the limitation of the subject itself that causes the impossibility of knowledge explosion of the subject. As a result, the only way to develop the subject is the disciplines' integration. For the time being, there are more than 2000 disciplines, and we can be inspired by all these disciplines. In Professor Chen's view, it is difficult to say which is the better discipline, and that all relies on the depth and the illumination of your research. Professor Chen also shared his study notes with us. He shared his opinion on vulnerable groups during the social transition period,cyberspace and so on. He advised academics to combine the subject characteristics with  consciousness of question.
Besides, Professor Chen discussed the developmental problems of Journalism and Communication with teachers and students. Professor Luo Zhenglin and Dr Cao Ruiqing shared their views on the issues that Professor Chen had mentioned.

The heated discussions concluded the salon. Professor Chen's speech has opened up our eyes and offered some new ideas for how to do research and develop the discipline.