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Academic Events

Pursuit of Truth Salon: Professor Zhang Guotao 's Discussion on the Impetus Mechanism and Mode of Media Development

Zhang Guotao, professor of Communication University of China, also the editorial director of “ modern communication” and the secretary general of Film and Television of China’s university. The executive dean of the school of Journalism and Communication, Professor Zhang Xiaofeng presided over the lecture.

Said by Professor Zhang, he came up with the idea when he took the plane in April. He thought why the modern media fall into trouble should be the question we think about. In his opinion, it should be the problem of motivation. When the motivation went wrong, the development of the media went wrong too.

According to Professor Zhang, the definition of motivation was that it came from power. And the development of media needed power too. Trying to find out the mode of media development was to reveal the changing pattern of the media and to promote the development the media.

Professor Zhang divided the four motivations of the media development into two kinds.
One was the potential of the media while the other was about the kinetic energy. The potential of media was consisted of technology dividend, technical motivation, subject resources and the main motive force. Institutional policies, policy motivation, capital funds and capital motivation were included in the kinetic energy.

Professor Zhang concluded that the value of media power research was the solution of the lack of motivation of the current development in media industry. To improve competence needed the correct analysis and appropriate solutions.