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Academic Events

Receive an award of “Jiangsu Penguin school new media influence in 2017”

In February 6th, “Jiangsu power”,Tencent regional influence summit in 2018 was held in Nanjing International Expo Conference Center, which sponsored by Tencent and website “da su”. School of Journalism and Communication received an award of “Jiangsu Penguin school new media influence in 2017”.

At the summit, participants jointly reviewed the development of new media, government affairs, smart business, and industry expansion of Jiangsu in 2017 and presented annual awards of content, government affairs, smart business, and business. Our school studies the rule of communication from the perspective of the concept, framework, and paradigm in media convergence. With grasping the opportunity of joint development of school and section, highlighting the practical and inter-disciplinary features of talent cultivation, and actively connecting social resources, we can distinguish complicated information from a broader perspective of the humanistic and social science. What’s more, we adhere the teaching philosophy combined with theory and practice, learning and innovation, which forms a new situation for the cultivation of talents that promotes the coordinated development of students' knowledge, ability and quality.

The network and new media professionals attach importance to the teaching of media technology and cultivate students' new media usage and development capabilities and pay high attention to cultivating students' creative abilities and new thinking to adapt to the era of media convergence. We will closely integrate the management of cultural and creative industries with new media technologies and seek the driving force and end-result of new media from the perspective of the development of cultural industries.