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Academic Events

Salon of “Pursue the Truth”: Associate Professor Zhou Ju Shares His Thoughts on the Media Intellectual Property

The second salon of “Pursue the Truth” was held on 12th of April in Room 405 of the Xinchuan Building. Associate Professor Zhou Ju was the main speaker while it was presided over by the vice dean Professor Luo Zhenglin. The party secretary Lu Yonglin and lots of teachers also took part in this lecture.

Teacher Zhou Ju made an example of his doctorate thesis—the Strategy Research of Copyright of the Television Context Industry to explain why the copyright issue could be analyzed from the economics angle.

It consisted of three aspects which were respectively why the copyright system is needed, the incentive mechanism promotes the commercialization of the copyright and the market mechanism promotes the industrialization of the copyright.

Teacher Zhou Ju also recommended some books and documents to help the listeners to understand the topic well. Professor Luo Zhenling concluded in the end, encouraging students to participate actvely in the discussion of the academic salon and hoping that more teachers could share their research achievements.