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Academic Events

School of Journalism& Journalism Approved of One Major Project of Social Science Fund of Jiangsu Province

Recently, the programming office of philosophy and science of Jiangsu Province issued the major project list of Jiangsu Province Social Science Fund. The project “the collation and research of the news history and material of Jiangsu Province” (project number 16ZD011) presided by Professor Zhang Xiaofeng of School of Journalism& Communication was approved.

In recent years, it has become a feature of our school’s communication history research team to focus on the journalism history of the Republic of China and local areas. The school has taken one major project of the National Social Science Fund, one key project and two general projects. And it has won one first prize, two second prizes and two third prizes

The Jiangsu Province Social Science Fund of major project established in 2013. It focuses on major projects, integrating academic resources and human resources, researching the major theoretical and practical issues of the development of Jiangsu Province and introducing the landmark research results which have great academic innovation value and cultural heritage. It serves the development of the economy and society of Jiangsu Province and the prosperity and development of philosophy and social science.