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Academic Events

Song Shiming From Jiangsu Legal Newspaper Held A Lecture For Our Students

At 1:30 pm on November 19th, our college invited Song Shiming, deputy editor-in-chief of Jiangsu Legal News Agency, Ph.D. of Nanjing University, and winner of the 2019 Xia Yan Cup Potential Film Screenplay Award, to hold a lecture entitled "a story between a college student and three dogs: in Story-Creation and Feelings of Movie Scripts".
First of all, Mr. Song introduced the Xia Yan Cup Screenplay Award and shared his thoughts on the contributions and shortlisted awards. As a non-professional script writer, Mr. Song won the Xia Yan Cup award to prove his professionalism in script writing. Secondly, Mr. Song shared his award-winning work "Dog to Success" and showed humorous script fragments to the students. In the end, Mr. Song introduced the method of script creation in detail. He used his script as an example to analyze the characters and the plot. Pointing out a good story requires a clear goal and a compact plot. In addition, Mr. Song also recommended that students read the excellent script "The King's Speech".
Teacher Liu Yongji summarized Mr.Song's lectures in four points: first, he encouraged his students to create scripts and impact awards; second, he briefly introduced Mr. Song's life experience, and pointed out that script writing needs rich accumulation; Third, Hard work and perseverance are needed. Fourth, writing needs inspiration.
At the end of the lecture, Mr. Song answered some questions of the students. He explained that incorporating suspicious elements of crime into the youth script not only deepened the theme of youth, but also facilitated the creation of conflict. He also explained the character's behavioral motives, and the need for a logical plot of the script to benefit the students present.