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Academic Events

Speech of The Exploration and Practice of the System of Central Teleplay Producer by Long Xiaohui

Long Xiaohui, the chairman of the skylong cultural media group, a famous independent producer in China, who produced several kinds of teleplays, like National Secrete, Being Alife Is Good, My Economy Is Applicable the Male and so on.

During the speech, Long Xiaohui shared some thoughts and experience of his work. In 2002, Long Xiaohui made the first step on the teleplay producing. When the teleplay Conquer in which Sun Honglei starred had been well received, an investor found Long Xiaohui and told him that the teleplay of public security was a good investment project. Under the attraction of wealth and reputation, he started to invest teleplays. The teleplay China Detective was Long’s first investment which achieved a huge success. This success prompted him to have a strong interest on the teleplays.

When everything went in the right direction, the accident appeared. The current policy clearly stipulated the anti-corruption teleplays could not be shown during prime time. Long Xiaohui did a lot of work to dealt with the problem. He gradually realized that non-experts had to face many difficulties in the professional field.

In the year of 2004, the National Secret gave Long a chance to change the role from investor to producer. During this shooting process, Long faced copyright problem. “The copyright problem is a disaster to the teleplay” said by Long Xiaohui.

After the review of the teleplay creation, Long shared some ideas of years’ practice. First, in professional field, it is a wrong phenomenon that the non-expert leads the professional practitioner. Second, to be an inter-disciplinary talent is well received. Third, facing problems and accidents calmly and improving the ability of dealing with those are necessary. (text by Li Anran, picture by Lu Mengyuan)