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Academic Events

Students in Our School Achieved Great Success in National College Students

The 2nd National College Students Cyber Culture Festival was warmly received in teachers and students all over the country since it began in April, 2017. Students in our School of Journalism & Communication did very well in the festival and won a number of awards.

National College Students Cyber Culture Festival is one of the highest competitions in the field of network ideological education in universities nationwide. It mainly collects and evaluates six kinds of works such as the photography and stories published through the Internet.

For the competition, professional teachers in our school carefully instructed students' works and chose some of them to enter the series of the contests. Feng Xiao and Zhang Zhipeng respectively won the honorable mention of photographic works and public-service ads. Li Peiqing, Yu Siqiongg and Ye Dingyu respectively won the third prize of public-service ads, web novels and photographic works. Under the guidance of Gao Shanbing,the work Youth Day and Young People created by the students majoring in Network & New Media and students in MY Studio won the second prize of micro works.