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Academic Events

Suiyuan Media Forum: Doctor in Journalism of Fudan University Fang Shishi Analyzed News Values behind Algorithm

“Social media transformation platform media has been the industry trend, platform media gradually influence the public’s news contacts, a batch of News Apps with ‘social gene’ are reconstructing media ecosystem.” On the afternoon of April 14th, doctor in journalism,post-doctor in sociology of Fudan University Fang Shishi returned to her alma mater, gave a lecture on the fifth session of Suiyuan Media Forum in School of Journalism and Communication, shared her study on algorithm mechanism of platform media’s News Feeds with all the teachers and students presented. This lecture hosted by Professor Zou Jun.

America happened the hot event “Prejudice Gate” in 2016, this event has arisen a lot of disputes of the public on platform media’s news values. Doctor Fang Shishi took the event as an entry, through research on the multistage change of Facebook’s algorithm mechanism, analyzed what the hidden social risks behind algorithm, and then discussed the news values that showed behind algorithm.

Doctor Fang pointed out that based on user experience, algorithm is a process of making decision on information presentation by computer run. The computer programs seem to be neutral, but still reflect artificial selection bias.

Faced with the the hidden social risks behind Facebook’s information production “Selection is production”,Doctor Fang considered that although media platforms are not traditional media, they serves as the role in transmitting information, so they should assume corresponding media responsibilities.