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Academic Events

Suiyuan Media Forum: Dr. Gregory Singh and Dr. Eddy from the University of Stirling Talked about Media Convergence and Data Journalism

At 10 a.m. of April 14th, two senior lecturers at Media Branch of the School of Art Humanities in Stirling University, Dr. Gregory Singh and Dr. Eddy Borges-Rey did a wonderful lecture on on media convergence and data journalism ,respectively. 

Dr. Gregory Singh thought that from the perspective of content’s production and consumption, media convergence mainly consists of three aspects: diversified media industry and media platform as well as floating audiences. Media convergence is an ongoing process, the current digital convergence is only part of the long process of history, he pointed out. For traditional media, social media have played a role of complement. Convergent news text  release through multiple channels, all these platforms give full play to their advantages and  coordinate with each other, finally create unified and coordinated entertainment experience for users on the receiving end. We are surrounded by data every day, and there are plenty of new data to be generated, what we really need to think about is how to manage data in an effective, safe and healthy way.

Dr. Eddy shared his frontier views on data journalism. First of all, he constructed a pyramid model about data, namely, “data--information--knowledge--intelligence”. In the interlinked pattern, massive data generate valuable information: who’s doing what at what time and place. In the third layer, information are further analyzed and to solve “how”problems. Finally , at the top of the pyramid, to solve “why” problems. Specific to data journalism, how do data generate news? Dr. Eddy divided this process into four stages: data, filtering, visualization and forming stories. Thereinto, filtering and visualization, the two most important steps, determine success or failure of this process. Dr. Eddy classified data journalism into three categories: the reports that news point have been produced among data, Data-driven investigative reports and news client used for investigation.

Dr. Gregory Singh and Dr. Eddy ‘s wonderful sharing made students have a more comprehensive and profound cognition of media convergence and data journalism and gain a deeper understanding of present data life as well.