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Suiyuan Media Forum: Professor Liu Hailong Talked About New Media and the Birth of Nationalism of Fans

The country is no longer a holy, distant, superior object, but an idol beloved and supported by fans. At 2:30pm of May 27th, Professor of Renmin University of China, deputy director of the Institute of Journalism and Communication, doctoral tutor and chief editor of Journal of International Communication Liu Hailong participated in Suiyuan Media Forum of Journalism and Communication school. Liu Hailong gave a speech of new media and the birth of nationalism of fans which based on the articles published on the Jounal of International Communication and the recent research.
In the past, the Internet served as a vehicle for spreading, mobilizing and expressing nationalist issues. But now issues originated from the Internet and most of them came from consumption field which refers to identity. The participants changed their feelings from humiliation and anger to spoof and banter. The media began to reconstruct the thinking and action logic of nationalism. On this basis, he raised the key question of the study: what changes have taken place in nationalism under the new media technology? What impact does the new media technology play in this process? 
Frist. Communication Technology and Nationalism
After the literature reviewing work, Professor Liu found that the core of the nationalism is legality of the political governing power.
Second. The new media has changed the issue and the fuse of nationalism.
The Internet expression without centrality provides a great deal of symbolic resources for the embodiment of nationalist ideology, and their expression is largely based on everyday experience. 
Third. The new media have changed the symbols and forms of expression in nationalist expression.
Under the influence of new media, the expression of nationalism changed. The exaggerated, spoof and polysemous expression replaces the original single political slogans.