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Suiyuan's "Sound, Light, Color and Shadow" Series of Cloud Lectures (2): Professor Shen Yizhen shares "Observation of Current Film Creation and Communication

On the evening of May 26th, Professor Shen Yizhen, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Minister of United Front and Dean of the School of Humanities of Nanjing University of the Arts The online academic lecture of "Observation of Current Film and Television Creation and Communication Phenomenon" was attended by Professor Zhang Xiaofeng, Dean of the College, Professor Luo Zhenglin, Vice President, Professor Liu Yongchang, Director of the Department of Radio and Television, and more than 200 graduate students. The lecture was presided over by Professor Luo Zhenglin.


In the lecture, Professor Shen Yizhen focused on the theme of "observation of current film and television creation and communication phenomena", combined with the development history of domestic movies in recent years, elaborated on the actual status of the current film industry, specifically pointed out the current deficiencies in China's film industry He shared his knowledge and insights on the development of Chinese movies. This lecture is divided into three parts: "Tell a good China story", "Tell a good story of the main theme", "Tell a good story of globalization" and so on.


In the first part of "Telling a Good China Story", Professor Shen Yizhen focused on comparing the difference between Chinese and American films in expressing the national image, and used the films "War Wolf" and "Saving Soldier Ryan" that students are familiar with to illustrate that contemporary directors will The construction of the national image is kept in mind, and the film is used as an important window for other countries to understand China and defend the national image. Many directors need to think about how to behave in terms of material selection, how to behave, and how to behave.


In the second part "Telling the Story of the Main Melody", Professor Shen Yizhen analyzed in detail the problems existing in contemporary Chinese directors and screenwriters: First, the national emotions and personal emotions are opposed to each other; Military, historical, social events, etc. are reduced to gender relations. The lack of an all-round, panoramic view of the ability to grasp contemporary real life has led to the overall absence of the epic "realist blockbuster". Therefore, in order to tell the story of the main theme, film and television works must achieve an effective combination of national image and personal emotion.


In the third part, "Telling the Story of Globalization", Professor Shen Yizhen believes that film and television works should start from the stories around them and have a global perspective; they must have strategic thinking about the destiny of the entire world and the entire human race; Everything that happens around us can be raised to the perspective of the world, and then expressed in this perspective, in order to create an epic story and depict a picture that reflects the entire era.


In the communication and interaction session, the teachers and students attending the meeting and Professor Shen Yizhen had a wire-scraping exchange on the focus and doubts related to the film and television creation.


At the end of the lecture, Professor Luo Zhenglin summarized the lecture. He pointed out that this lecture effectively combined journalism, communication, drama and film and television to bring endless inspiration to the students. Professor Shen Yizhen's lecture was simple and humorous, which contained the theoretical foundation and academic qualities of scientific researchers. It also highlights the humane feelings and ideological realm of intellectuals.