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Academic Events

Suiyuan's "Sound, Light, Color and Shadow" Series of Cloud Lectures (6): Wang Liang, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Shares "Deeply Cultivating High-Quality Content, Leading Youth Culture-Innovative Thinking of iQiyi"

On the evening of June 9, Wang Qiliang, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of iQiyi, was invited as the guest speaker of the sixth session of the cloud series of "Sound, Light, Color and Shadow" in the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing Normal University, bringing the title Online lecture on "Deeply cultivating high-quality content to lead youth culture-iQiyi's innovative thinking". Professor Liu Yongchang, Associate Professor Gao Shanbing, Dr. Wang Lei and more than 200 graduate students from our school listened online. The lecture was presided over by Professor Liu Yongchang.


At the beginning of the lecture, deputy editor-in-chief Wang Liang first introduced the current status and development trend of the network audio-visual industry. By listing the industry's paid user scale, the number of daily mobile users on the mobile terminal, and the significant increase in the monthly user duration of mainstream platforms, the emphasis on network audio-visual The market size of the industry is expanding. He believes that the growing number of paying users, the birth of a new middle class, and the "new mobile netizens" entering the market one after another, prove that the network audiovisual industry has great potential and good development prospects.


Immediately afterwards, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Wang Liang introduced the situation of iQiyi, explaining the iQiyi platform in terms of constructing a diversified entertainment world, deploying industry-wide IP, technology-enabled entertainment and brand value enhancement. , Technology and business model innovation practice and exploration. Among them, he took "China New Rap", "Summer of the Band", "Youth Have You 2" three variety show on iQiyi as an example, from "circle" to "culture", "fixed force" and " "Charm", "Commonality" and "Individuality" start from the perspective of a variety show that highlights the beauty of individuality, and can combine the form of "spectacle" with the value of "universal" to spread the "Chinese voice" to the world And the possibility of "Chinese story". At the same time, he analyzed the "Ice Breaking Action" with four major highlights, such as a real big case, a new generation of old drama bones, a huge fan base, and the support of the public security department, and he strongly proved that "the main theme can also be exploded."


In the process of communicating with teachers and students, Wang Liang, deputy editor-in-chief, based on his many years of industry experience, put forward several suggestions for graduate students of the media discipline studying at the school: first, pay attention to general education, students We should lay a good foundation, read more books every day, and pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge and materials; secondly, we should pay attention to people's hearts and humanity, grasp the trend on the basis of adhering to universal values, and keep pace with the times; finally, we should actively take action Operation, starting with the topics that can be controlled in daily life, try more and practice more. After the interaction, Professor Liu Yongchang summarized this lecture. He thanked Deputy Editor-in-Chief Wang Liang for sharing the cutting-edge information on the development of the online video industry, and hoped that graduate students would have the opportunity to continue Iqiyi colleagues exchange discussion.