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Academic Events

Suiyuan's "Sound, Light, Color and Shadow" Series of Cloud Lectures (8): Director Zhang Yiqing shares "Because of the World We Love"

On the evening of June 19th, the famous documentary film director Zhang Yiqing was invited as the guest speaker of the "Sound, Light, Color and Shadow" series of cloud lectures at the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing Normal University, bringing an online sharing titled "Because of the World We Love" . Professor Liu Yongchang, Associate Professor Zhang Xin and more than 200 graduate students from the Department of Radio and Television of our college listened online. The sharing was hosted by Professor Liu Yongchang.


The whole sharing was mainly interactive communication. Director Zhang Yiqing used his personal experience and unique insights to conduct in-depth discussions with teachers and students on related issues. When answering some students’ creation of graduation works, it is difficult to penetrate the society and lack of social sensitivity. Director Zhang Yiqing believes that for directors of professional students, it is not enough to learn photography, production and other techniques. Aesthetics and sensibility , Imagination and creativity are very important and require a lot of accumulation.


When talking about his famous documentary work "Kindergarten", director Zhang Yiqing said that this work is not about children, but to reflect the social status and realistic problems at that time. "Kindergarten" has completed this task. There is still a very important revelation at the moment. Director Zhang Yiqing emphasized that there is a need to penetrate the "quality consciousness" in the creation. For example, "Jun Zi Tan" has a total of 1300 hours of material, but in the end only 70 minutes of the work were cut out.



In response to questions about the length of documentaries, Director Zhang Yiqing believes that there is indeed a "micro-documentary" style, but the length of time is not the essence of the problem, and it can be long if there are words, and short when there are no words. At the same time, he shared his 7-minute work "Previous Life and Modern Life" with teachers and students. In response to the question of what relationship and distance should be maintained with the subject, Director Zhang Yiqing believes that this relationship and distance will depend on the specific situation. For example, when shooting "Jun Zi Tan", he slowly approached the characters and maintained an attitude of not being humble and not overwhelming. When shooting "Kindergarten", he should not be together with the children, because the photographer should be a calm observer, and need to shoot with the person Keep a certain distance and be able to appreciate each other.


Finally, Professor Liu Yongchang summarized the sharing. He thought that with Director Zhang Yiqing, students can learn his enthusiasm and sincerity, which is the most needed trait as a documentary creator. Director Zhang Yiqing had a warm and friendly exchange with the teachers and students of our college, and the lively sharing atmosphere was very beneficial.