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Academic Events

The 2019 Graduate Graduation Ceremony of Our College was Held

At 14:00 on the afternoon of June 18th, the centennial Suiyuan Campus that is known as the "most beautiful campus in the East" is particularly lively. A graduation ceremony is held here. The 2019 graduate students dressed in costume, took the mentor's arm and walked over the long red carpet. They smiled and said to their tutor: "Dear professor, we prepare an award for you ."

In the past graduation ceremony, only the tutors turned the tassel for their students, but there were few precedents for the students to award the tutors. When it comes to awarding professors, the student representatives are both excited and nervous. This unique way of gratitude has injected different new ideas and vitality into the graduation ceremony. "By awarding, students approciate their tutors for their help and concerns in the work and lives, which can further demonstrate the profound friendship between professors and students."In the awarding session, some students expressed their gratitude with the most sincere words. Some posted an interesting wish to their tutors, and some gave the mentor a small gift carefully prepared by the themselves. No matter which form they use, it condensed the students'  most sincere and deepest gratitude to their tutors. The tutors also gave the graduates a high blessing and deep expectations. With happy laughters, the sadness of the parting is diluted, and the emotions are filled with move, joy, and warmth...