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Academic Events

The delegation of our college participated in the 2020 academic annual meeting of the Chinese Society of Journalism History and Media Law and Ethics Research Committee

From October 30 to October 31, 2020, the 2020 Academic Annual Meeting of the Media Law and Ethics Research Committee of the Chinese Society of Journalism History and the second "Media Science" seminar were successfully held at Shandong University. The annual meeting was co-sponsored by the Media Regulations and Ethics Research Committee of the Chinese Society of Journalism History and the School of Journalism and Communication of Shandong University, and hosted by the Communication and Media Research Center of Shandong University and the Public Opinion Research Center of Shandong University. Editor-in-chief and column leaders of the journals "People's Forum", "Publication Research", "China Publishing" and "Young Journalists" and nearly four people from Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Jinan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shandong University, Sun Yat-sen University, Nanjing Normal University, etc. More than one hundred experts and young scholars from ten universities attended this annual meeting. A total of 6 teachers and students from our school participated in this academic event.


This academic annual conference has a keynote speech and a special forum. The chairman of the Media Regulation and Ethics Research Committee of the Chinese Society of Journalism and Professor Gu Liping from our school gave a report on the work of the society at the opening ceremony. Professor Yu Deshan from our school made a topic as one of the guests Associate Professor Zou Ju made a keynote speech on “Security and Measures of Russian Cyberspace” at the sub-forum of “Internet Governance and Construction of Public Discourse” for the topic of “Analysis of Social Public Opinion of New Media Image Pranks”. Yao Yao, PhD student in our school , Bai Long and Fan Haichao respectively made "Big Data Forecast: Capital Logic and Personal Rights from a Critical Perspective" and "Research on the Risks of Private Information Infringement and Intelligent Surveillance in Smart Cities" in the sub-forum of "Information Ethics and Regulations in the Artificial Intelligence Era" "Body Privacy Recognition: The Ignored Dimensions of Privacy in the Artificial Intelligence Era" keynote speech, Lu Ling, a master student in our college, gave a speech on "Privacy Awareness in the Use of Social Media by the Elderly" in the sub-forum of "Media Convergence Practice and Concept Innovation" Speech on the topic of "Knowledge and Behavior Research". Based on the characteristics of the post-epidemic era, this annual conference conducted academic discussions on media regulations and ethics and "media science" from multiple perspectives such as public opinion, privacy rights, and information disclosure, and provided new research perspectives for the development of journalism and communication. Ideas.


The Media Regulations and Ethics Research Committee is a secondary branch of the Chinese Journalism History Society. It was initiated by our institute to implement the basic requirements of the country's governance strategy and promote the in-depth study of media regulations and ethical issues in the new communication environment. The society was jointly initiated by 11 colleges and universities across the country under the guidance of Professor Gu Liping of our school. It was established with the approval of the Standing Council of the Chinese Society of Journalism and History in April 2016 and was formally established at Nanjing Normal University on November 19 of the same year. In the nearly four years since its establishment, the branch, with the joint efforts of all governing units, standing directors and directors, has been adhering to "building an academic community", "building an academic exchange platform" and "generating a batch of valuable research results". Goals and achieved certain results.