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Academic Events

The Deputy Director of the Current Politics and News Department of Nanjing Press Media Group, Liu Xiao, Visited our college and Gave a Lecture

At 16:00 on May 14, Liu Xiao, the deputy director of the current politics and news department of the media news center of Nanjing Press Media Group and a member of the class of 2000 in the Department of Journalism of our college, held a lecture at our school.The leaders and teachers who attended the lecture included Gu Yonglin ——the secretary of the party committee of the college, Cai Bingfeng——the deputy director of the student engineering department, Bi Lejing——the chairman of the labor union of the college, Zhan Wei——the secretary of the youth league committee of the college, and Gao Jingyuan——the counselor.The lecture is for the students of the 7th training class of the school's pioneer party school, the students of the second training class for the backbone of the school's youth league, and some members of the school's student union.This activity is sponsored by student work office (department), school of journalism and communication, and undertaken by Shen Fei Ideological and Political Education Studio.


First of all, secretary Gu introduced the keynote speaker, liu xiao, and expressed his heartfelt pride in the excellent residents of our college.Later, the teacher ,Liu Xiao ,gave a speech entitled "walking with people who brave a dangerous situation -- 37 days in Wuhan as a war correspondent" to the teachers and students on the spot. He Shared his experience during the reporting series of "fighting the epidemic" in Wuhan and discussed his feelings in detail based on his work.


Teacher Liu specially prepared a short film he shot during his work in Wuhan, showing some of his work during the epidemic.His short film showed the medical staff's hard working environment, the tense busy working state and the persistent serious working attitude;When he entered Wuchang district of Wuhan, the city was empty and quiet."From the empty city, from the ambulances that are rushing by, from the guards and volunteers in protective gears that are on duty in every public place in the city, you get the sense that this is a city in combat, fighting against the illness every minute" he said.


Under the camera, there are nurses who are excited to see off the patients after they are discharged from hospital, volunteer patients who hug the nurses closely after they are discharged from hospital, volunteers who cut hair for the frontline staff for free, aunts who make simple hot-and-dry noodles for everyone, and free shelves full of snacks and drinks all the time...Reporter Liu detailed every lens,letting the presence of every people moved.During the 37-day interview on the scene, the film recorded the people's unity to make the city come back to life, and the film showed the strength of the Chinese people's unity.


After the speech, as the director of Liu Xiao's class, Bi Lejing made a speech. She was not only moved by Liu Xiao's sharing today, but also expressed her pride in the fact that Nanjing Normal University has cultivated many excellent students.Director Cai Bingfeng was also deeply moved.He summed up his thoughts with three "feelings" -- gratitude, affection and affection."Teacher Liu's sharing is not only a journalism class, but also a vivid ideological and political class."This lecture is the first lecture of the school of journalism and communication's second phase youth league backbone training class.The epidemic is heartless. The students learned more positive energy from the retrograde spirit of the journalists from teacher Liu Xiao.


Text/Fang Yuan,News Department

Picture/Wang Han, Photography Department