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Academic Events

The Editor in chief of Jiangsu Sina. Feng Xiaoting Came to Our School and Discussed with Students about Internet “Revolution”

On November 7th ,Feng Xiaoting,the editor in chief  of Jiangsu Sina.and senior media expert as well as new media researcher,visited School of Journalism & Communication, brought students a wonderful lecture with a theme of new media changes,Dean Gui Liping hosted the lecture.

At the beginning, Feng Xiaoting started her speaking with striking data statistics to visually present the “stickiness” of users’ real life to mobile media in the era of mobile social networking: on an average day, six hundred and fifty-six million China's mobile Internet users  spend 135 minutes using  mobile media, there’s a continuing rebound in Weibo,the number of its’users increased by 18.6% year-on-year and up to 126 million; in tourism industry, 57.7% of people have booked products online,the deal sizes of Chinese online travel market in 2015 came to 540 billion and 290 million yuan. The influence of moblie media implanting into users’ life seems straight forward.

Through a comprehensive comparsion of users’ behaviors on Weibo and WeChat, Feng Xiaoting considered that Weibo is still the best public communication platform for short message and the most valuable social sharing tool as well.

Internet has undergone its’tranformtion of three stages:reading age,interactive age and social media age.Feng Xiaoting thought that Internet has developed from “content-centered” to “human-centered”,but its’ supporting points have not changed, including meeting the needs of people’s access to information, interpersonal communication demand, more targeted information interaction, the relationship between people and information with more effectiveness and so on.

For this,  Feng Xiaoting put forward some ideas about the future of media: although applying UAV to news communication is a relatively new mode of news production,we should remain leery of machine-generated news.

Internet change has altered the model of interpersonalcommunication and the way people getting information, from the perspective of market pattern to observe,it also shocking traditional industrial production. Feng Xiaoting thinks, except that traditional industrial production brought “fissions”because of Internet changes, media fragmentation,the  return of O2O market structure to BAT camp and sharing economic belt are new changes of present market pattern fissions as well.

In the end, Feng Xiaoting interpreted  the changes brought by Internet revolution again from a consumer side.Chinese young post-80s and -90s generations are becoming major consumer groups, the new lifestyle they represent has surfaced and constantly evolved more up-to-date contents.People prefer to pay for those brands and comsumptions that fit their own present or yearning lifestyle. In Feng Xiaoting’s opinion, as Internet natives,along with the life stage entering into raising a family and having children,they hope to give themselves and their kids a better quality of life ,it’s the need that domestic goods can’t completely fill and the reason why it stimulated the rise of niche brand and cross-border e-commerce.