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Academic Events

The meeting of 2020 postgraduate tutors was held ceremoniously

At 3:00 p.m. on September 23, 2020, the meeting of postgraduate tutors of School of Journalism and communication was held in Yifang lecture hall. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Luo Zhenglin, vice president of our college, and attended by postgraduate tutors and all 2020 graduate students.

“The annual blind date is now open” At the beginning of the meeting,Mr. Luo humorously described the meeting as "annual blind date meeting" and expressed welcome to the arrival of the new students and postgraduate tutors.This year, the school of journalism and communication has two self-confidence: on the one hand, the scale of postgraduate tutors has increased, and a group of young and accomplished doctors have also joined the tutor team, so the research direction is more diversified; on the other hand, the scale of postgraduate freshmen has also greatly increased compared with previous years.He believed that the meeting and exchange between teachers and students would certainly help our institute to achieve more fruitful results in the future.

Then, the teachers of the school of Journalism and communication came to the stage in turn, and made a brief exposition of their research direction and the requirements for students selection.Teachers also put forward many ardent expectations for the students: to maintain physical and mental health, face up to the pressure, take the initiative to communicate, cherish time and so on.Professor Gu Liping was the first speaker at the meeting. He showed the students the hard won achievements in recent years by telling the history of running the school of Journalism and communication in the early years, and strongly affirmed the professional strength of Journalism and communication in our college.Secondly, president Zhang Xiaofeng also made suggestions on the selection of tutors for students. He pointed out: students should choose tutors with a "diversion" mentality, and fully consider their own research interests.

This meeting is also a very special meeting for all participants. Mr. Luo Zhenglin affectionately called this special fate "a complex of 1998". According to the big data of our freshmen, most of the 2020 graduate students of the school of Journalism and communication were born in 1998, and the tutor team with Professor Gu Liping as the center started to carry out research and education in 1998. This kind of special feeling runs through the whole meeting of the tutors, and also shortens the communication distance between teachers and students.

In bursts of warm applause, the meeting of tutors came to an end.This meeting not only helps students to have a detailed understanding of the development of the school of Journalism and communication, but also solves all kinds of puzzles faced by students in the selection of tutors, so that students have a more correct and comprehensive understanding of the upcoming graduate life.I hope that students can bear in mind the teachers' requirements and expectations, and study hard and grow up in the big family of Journalism and communication college.