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Academic Events

The opening ceremony of the Young Teacher Growth Camp of our college and the first lecture of the famous teacher pilot were successfully held

On the afternoon of September 25th, the opening ceremony of the Young Teachers Growth Camp and the first lecture of the leading teachers were successfully held. This event was hosted by Professor Luo Zhenglin, Deputy Dean of our college, and Professor Gu Yonglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Professor Zhang Xiaofeng, Executive Dean, Professor Zhuang Xi, Associate Dean, Professor Gu Liping, Professor Yu Deshan, Professor Liu Yongchang, and new young teachers and PhDs representatives participated in this event.

At the beginning of the activity, Professor Luo Zhenglin expressed a warm welcome to the joining of young teachers, and hoped that young teachers and young doctors could become the backbone of the college's teaching and scientific research. Executive Dean Professor Zhang Xiaofeng said in his speech that in the past four years, the college had introduced 17 talents of various types, 80% of whom were from overseas and domestic double-class universities, and most of them had obtained PhD degrees in literature, philosophy, management and art. 70% were under the age of 35, and young teachers had a promising future. The college carried out growth camp activities from four aspects. The first was to invite teaching experts inside and outside the school to provide instructional skills guidance in teaching design, micro-class production, etc.; the second was to invite experts from inside and outside the school to give special lectures to promote non-news communication disciplines Graduated PhDs were quickly integrated into the subject team; the third was to invite experts from inside and outside the school to give guidance on the application of scientific research projects and the work of scientific research; the fourth was to gradually arrange for new young doctors to hold salons and lectures for current students to test teaching and scientific research skills.

Subsequently, Professor Zhuang Xi, the deputy dean, announced the paired list of growth mentors and young teachers, and Mr. Gu Yonglin, secretary of the party committee, issued letters of appointment to each growth mentor in turn. With the growth mentor and the young teachers meeting, shaking hands and having a cordial conversation, the signing ceremony ended successfully.

Then, the first lecture of the famous teacher pilot invited Professor Wang Yonggui, a Changjiang scholar from the Ministry of Education, a member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and the chief expert of major projects of the National Social Science Fund, as the main lecturer. With the theme of "Social Science Fund Project Application", Professor Wang Yonggui first explained the concept of project application: based on the national strategy, understanding the announcement guidelines, and must have the sense of discipline and academic norms; second, he explained The five elements for a successful application, such as clear field direction, focus on achievement accumulation, etc.; third, Professor Wang Yonggui explained in detail the filling of loose-leaf pages from various aspects, and summed it up as "very 6+1". He emphasized that in the process of selecting topics, it is necessary to adhere to the problem-oriented principle, not only to have a solid basic skills, but also to have problem awareness, to find topics in practice and theory, to observe, collect and refine problems.

Professor Luo Zhenglin concluded that Professor Wang Yonggui’s lecture gave a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the attention points of the project application. It is clear and in-depth. It requires teachers to study in depth, understand and put into practice.

After the lecture, the participants immediately held a social science fund application mobilization meeting. Dean Zhang Xiaofeng and Deputy Dean Luo Zhenglin cheered for the college teachers to apply for the social science fund at the mobilization meeting. They expressed their hope that the teachers in our school can actively apply for the project, improve the quality of the project, and ponder over and over during the application process, and young teachers should consult their growth mentors point-to-point to obtain new development and new results.