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Academic Events

Thoughts on the forum of the press and communication lecture hall

Recently, our college held a seminar on learning and sharing in the China News and communication lecture hall. Mr. Zhuang Xi, vice president of the hospital, Mr. Shen Fei, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Mr. Zhan Wei, counselor of the hospital, as well as the League branch secretary and publicity committee members of each class from 2018 to 2020 attended the sharing forum. At the forum, the League branch secretaries and publicity committee members of each class expressed their own opinions and shared the learning experience of Xinchuan lecture hall, which effectively encouraged the students of our college to work hard and become the journalists with determination, emotion and ability in the new era.

Zhang Kai, Secretary of Youth League branch of news class 18
"Reports from the front line of anti epidemic" is the theme of this news lecture. 42 reporters from 14 mainstream media including people's daily, Xinhua news agency and China Central Radio and television station were invited to participate in the recording. I believe that many new students, like me, will feel proud after reading it. The word "journalist" also contains more respect, admiration and yearning. Today I would like to talk about the epidemic situation and my understanding of the profession of journalist after this lecture.

The group of "journalists" symbolizes some characteristics, that is, they are calm and objective in reality, and they have almost idealistic pursuit of truth and fairness. Therefore, to be a journalist has a strong attraction for young people who are still hot-blooded. If one wants to light up the darkness with a tiny firefly, a journalist is a very direct career choice as well as a policeman. However, we will find that planning how to live a stable and relatively affluent life has become a matter for more young people to consider. It seems that the profession of journalist is not attractive enough. Although we are soberly aware that there is a big gap between our ability and that of professional journalists and editors, we still can't reach the level of using pen as a knife and using pen as a soldier, but we subconsciously take the profession of journalist as an alternative and a bad policy. Under the pressure of reality, we seem to split the ideal journalist from the real journalist, yearning to see the ability and courage of this professional representative, but also losing respect for the real profession. However, this epidemic has become a mirror, illuminating the courage and responsibility that journalists have always represented and making us introspect.

Can I do it with "determination, emotion and ability" and "excellent politics, business and combat effectiveness" and really don't want to be a reporter and take on the responsibility bravely? I have great respect for the predecessors in the front line of these battles, and give a vivid and three-dimensional interpretation to the profession of journalists, which is still a profession full of vitality and challenges.

Gong Yuhan, publicity committee member of 18 radio and television class
At the beginning of December, all our students of grade 18 watched the China News and communication lecture hall together, which showed us many excellent anti epidemic reports during the new epidemic period in 2020.I learned how Chinese journalists told the story of China's anti epidemic in the special period of the new epidemic, and appreciated the heroic figures of those who fought in the front line of anti epidemic.As young people in the new era, we should be more responsible and inject new force into China's journalism with our enthusiasm and courage.

To improve professional quality is the first step. In ordinary class, we should seriously study news professional knowledge. At the same time, we should make use of the platform provided by colleges and universities, actively practice, combine theory with practice, and master the methods of news gathering, writing, editing and evaluation. We should learn to use divergent thinking, separate ourselves from a narrow point of view, learn to think from various angles, use professional thinking to treat problems, maintain news sensitivity, and actively observe life.

Secondly, with the rapid development of the Internet, we have entered the era of financial media, and news is no longer limited to the traditional paper media. We should keep up with the tide of the times and use new media for news reporting. All kinds of tools can be our microphones. What news needs is timeliness and authenticity. We should record it with camera anytime and anywhere. For example, the record channel of China Central Radio and television has launched a series of short videos "Wuhan: my war" diary ", in which medical staff, ordinary citizens and foreign aid workers tell the warmth of the war" diary "in the form of vlog from different angles. Through such a form of new media reports, we seem to be on the scene and truly feel the beliefs of people in suffering.

Finally, we kept up with current events and enhanced our sense of honor and mission. In such a special period of the new crown epidemic, countless journalists stick to their posts, with a cavity of blood and firm belief, to convey the front-line news for ordinary people.

After the lecture, I was also thinking about how I would become a qualified journalist. Radio and television science is a subject that combines theory with practice, technology and art. I have learned many professional skills in my major, such as writing, editing, video production, on-site interview and reporting. But at the same time, the times have put forward higher business requirements for me. Journalists in the new era can no longer only master certain skills, but need you to become an all-round talent 。 We should be courageous, ambitious, and use true and warm brushwork to expose the truth, convey warmth, and do news with strength and warmth.

Kong Xianghui's new preparatory class

After studying the lecture hall of China's news and communication, I got two key words: Youth and choice.

As for youth, some people say that today's young generation is a beat generation, but it is not. On March 9, the people's forum column published in the fourth edition of the people's Daily called "inspiring the power of youth on the line of fire". This article praises the young people who are fighting in the front line of protest. Among the 42000 medical team members who aid Hubei, 12000 are born in the 90s, among which there are also born in the 95s and 00s. There are 62 people in the front reporting team of the people's daily, more than half of them are born in the 90s This is exactly what China's future looks like.

As for choice, I believe many people have heard of the story of the photo "hungry Sudan". In my opinion, both photographers and journalists will often face the choice of professionalism and morality. In this case, we can't absolutely say that what kind of choice is right. I think there is no absolute right or wrong, it's just the choice of people in this profession It's just a different choice. Carter's photo is that he chose the art of a photographer, while the journalists during the epidemic chose the professionalism of journalists. Only when we are faced with the dilemma of confidence and support, can we continue to make a good choice. There is a passage in Wang Yunsheng's the soul of the newspaper: "as far as the present situation is concerned, it seems that everyone can do the job of journalist, but it is not easy to do it dutifully. A journalist who can fulfill his duty must have firm personality, strong perseverance, rich knowledge, and enthusiasm for human beings, the country, and his own career Then, with a quick mind, a fiery heart, and a frosty integrity, we should exert the warrior spirit of "no surrender in power, no obscenity in wealth" and conscientiously serve mankind and the country. " I think journalists should be like this.

No one is born brave, but some people choose to be fearless. We often hear the sentence "do you have a news ideal" when we study news communication. What is a news ideal? I think the ideal of journalism is never a grand fantasy, but to do a good job and stick to the news literacy. New biographers should learn to have insight into current affairs, care about hot spots, have their own thinking and understanding, and treat all kinds of things with a rational attitude. No one is perfect, but we have to correct our mistakes in the exercise time after time, do not forget the original intention, and move forward bravely.

Cao Ling, group secretary of advertising class 18

On December 7, all students of Xinchuan College of 2018 watched the China News and communication lecture hall in the studio.
The theme of this lecture is "reports from the front line of anti epidemic in Wuhan", which truly shows the fighting state of journalists in the front line of anti epidemic. In the process of watching, I was moved several times. The journalists we know through the reports are also other people's children, parents and friends. They have a little different ideals and beliefs from ordinary people in their hearts. They are in the front line and become heroes from ordinary people. My major made me feel so far away and close to them on the screen for the first time.

This epidemic is a crisis, but it is still in danger. In the form of the global spread of the epidemic, the superiority of China's socialism is highlighted, the shining point of the people's spiritual quality is displayed, and the national pride has reached an unprecedented peak in this protracted war of national participation. China's achievements in fighting against the epidemic, as well as the heroes and the masses remembered by the people and history in the fight against the epidemic, have once again proved that loving the party, protecting the party and supporting the party's leadership are the most correct choice of the people, as well as the choice of history and the times. At the same time, "telling a good Chinese story and shaping China's image" is the inherent criticism of journalists. How to firmly grasp the direction of news and public opinion, fight a good fight against social rumors, how to break the limitations of personal vision, stand on a higher platform, truly seek the interests of the society from a longer-term and more overall perspective, and create a green and healthy information environment for the broad masses of the people are what we media people should continue to think about.

General secretary Xi Jinping mentioned that the quality and direction of journalism teaching determine the quality of news workers. "China's news and communication lecture hall" is the "first" attempt of China's news and communication education, which has a certain degree of "pioneering" and deeply combines theory with practice. It is not only a high-level professional course, a warm ideological and political course, a vivid national condition course, but also a theoretical and life course specially prepared for journalists. It shows the practical power of Marxist Journalism and enlightens journalism Those who adhere to the party's principles, follow the pace of the party, adhere to the fine tradition of journalism, lay a solid ideological foundation, consolidate the ideological foundation, and understand the advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics in terms of system, theory and road. Most importantly, this lecture hall is the guiding light of our professionalism and struggle direction.

Xie Jiying, member of the publicity committee of the 18th class

After the video broadcast in the lecture hall, I had a deeper understanding of journalism.After the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, nearly 300 journalists from all over the country poured into Hubei and Wuhan, conveying the news of more than 10 million people living in the 850 square kilometers, transforming words into power, and continuously delivering first-hand information to the audience,

Under the epidemic situation, the pressure of journalists is increasing rapidly. On the one hand, journalists are bearing the risk of being infected and the psychological and emotional challenges. On the other hand, due to the fierce competition in news, it is difficult to screen information, and the wartime working hours are extended. At the same time, they have to face the threat of virus.It can be said that the epidemic, journalists show the media workers super high political literacy, moral literacy and professional literacy, played a crucial role.

What impresses me most is that I saw the stories of the reporters on the front line of anti epidemic through the video. As journalists, they rushed to the front line together with the medical staff. We use our own strength to interpret the responsibilities and responsibilities of the media people, adhere to the Marxist concept of journalism, report accurately at the first time, not shrink because of the epidemic situation, not timid because of the danger, but deliver the latest on-site data and information for the people of the whole country. I was deeply moved by the journalists' love for journalism and their professional persistence.

Specifically speaking, what the lecture hall brings me is the practical skill enlightenment. On the one hand, if a reporter wants to write a good news, he must be sensitive to find news, and also be good at identifying and selecting news. From the horizontal and vertical comparison, we can see the news facts from the latest point of view. On the other hand, journalists should have strong action power. It is better to go deep into the scene of news events and record the real pictures, so as to improve the quality and authenticity of news, better convey information and improve the audience's credibility.

In the context of China's social and economic transformation and the integration of traditional media and new media, news media workers should not only face their historical responsibilities, but also actively face the opportunities and challenges brought by the news media work in the new era, and constantly promote the development and progress of news media work.

Shi Zixuan, member of the learning committee of the news class of grade 19

After attending this news lecture, I have deep feelings about the story and experience of reporter Wu Shan. There are three points I want to share with you.

First of all, I'm really moved by the spirit of the people in the epidemic area to fight against the epidemic situation recorded by reporter Wu Shan. In Wu Shan's story, there are not many grand narratives. Instead, she shows the indomitable anti epidemic strength of Wuhan people and medical workers by recording the tiny characters and stories. The concrete news stories make us deeply realize how powerful the real and delicate brushwork is, which provides a reference for our news writing.

Secondly, we feel sincere admiration for these reporters who have gone deep into the epidemic areas. There is a very good word to describe them - Wuhan heartbeat recorder. Wu Shan is one of the few female reporters in front of the epidemic, who has been fighting for nearly 80 days. She not only went deep into the intensive care unit and shelter hospital, but also arrived at the railway station and community to broadcast live for the majority of netizens. Regardless of the danger of her life, she recorded the beating of Wuhan's heart and the awakening of her life. We are moved by such dedication and dedication.

Finally, we have a further understanding of the profession of journalist that we are likely to engage in in in the future. After listening to the news lecture hall, I had a discussion with my classmates and thought that the two most common words in the students' mouth were pride and expectation. Pride is our sincere pride and pride in becoming a social journalist, recording the society with our notes, watching the people and undertaking such an indispensable public responsibility. Expectation is to look forward to the strength that we are about to burst out, to look forward to how we, as the "social watchers" of the next generation, will inherit our predecessors, and how we will emit our own light and heat. I think that through this study, we are all more confident that we chose our major a year ago, especially me. However, we believe that when our predecessors are armed with this kind of professional knowledge and writing ability, they will be able to keep up with us.

Zhou Tingyao, Secretary of the League branch of the 19th radio and television class

At 4:00 p.m. on December 10, our hospital held a series of lectures on China's news and communication hall in the studio of Huacheng building. We listened to the anti epidemic stories told by the reporters on the front line of anti epidemic, and understood how the anti epidemic reports were produced. Through the video, we saw the national feelings and professional qualities of Chinese journalists.

In the fight against the new epidemic, journalists were ordered to go retrograde in the face of danger. Going from one place to another. In the special period of anti epidemic, as children or parents, they gave up the chance of family reunion and took great risks. They shouldered the camera, grasped the pen pole and resolutely embarked on the road of retrograde.

They recorded the anti epidemic story with the camera. Through the camera, we saw the actual situation of Wuhan under the epidemic situation. The anti epidemic reporter went to the ward to understand the patient's situation and the overall situation of the hospital, went deep into the isolation area to understand the current situation of medical staff, visited the community to understand the grassroots protection measures, and visited the wholesale market of agricultural products to understand the vegetable supply during the epidemic period.

They recorded the anti epidemic spirit with words. In the shelter hospital, the patients danced fitness dance to deal with the virus with a positive attitude. In order to save anti epidemic resources, the medical staff wore a set of isolation clothes for a day, and the isolation clothes were full of sweat.

The word "responsibility" seems simple, but in fact it is not easy. They not only need the courage to go to the front line of anti epidemic, but also need to overcome their physical limitations, screen and integrate information in the environment of high infection risk and high work intensity, and find the value of news. Journalists know: how much soil on the feet, how much temperature in the pen. Only when the lens is aimed at the front line can we capture the most real and touching details and generate the driving force. Gao Zhipeng, a member of the front reporting group of Jiangsu Province's aid to Hubei Province, said that reporters are born to be on the scene - to restore the changes of the epidemic situation to the public, and to convey warmth, confidence and hope to the public, which is the responsibility of journalists. This is the highlight of journalists.

As new students, we will keep close to our predecessors, constantly improve our professional skills and professionalism, and show the mission and responsibility of journalists.