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Academic Events

Time overflows Come by the wind —— the fifth Professional Style Exhibition and the first Ideological and Political Course Exhibition award ceremony successfully concluded

It lasted nearly two months, after the dry goods full of professional lectures, online and offline excellent works exhibition and broadcast, in the farewell 2020, the fifth Professional Style Exhibition and the first course of ideological and political exhibition condensed the painstaking efforts of our teachers and students finally ended.

December 30 18:30, into the building studio bright lights, stage layout.Even during the epidemic, the audience entered the venue early, wearing masks and sitting at intervals to witness the success of the award party.

The leaders and teachers attending the party were: Mr. Zhou Wei, Vice-Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee; Mr. Xu Yonghui, Deputy Director of the Department of Education; Mr. Cai Bingfeng, Deputy Director of the Department of Learning and Industry (Vice-Minister of the Party Committee); Mr. Li Peng, Deputy Secretary of the League Committee; Mr. Gu Yonglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of our college; Mr. Zhang Xiaofeng, Vice-President; Mr. Zhuang Xi, Mr. Yu Xiaosong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Mr. Shen Fei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Mr. Liu Yongchang, Director of the Department of Radio and Television; Mr. Zhu Qiang, Director of the Department of Advertising; Mr. Tang Tianming, Vice-President of the Provincial Photographers Association; Mr. Cao Ruiqing, Deputy Director of the Press Department; Mr. Xiaoguang, Radio and Television Department; and Mr. Yao Yuan, as well as the teachers of the League Committee.This award party by our graduate student Sun Zhenling, Miao Yihan, undergraduate student Sun Yukun, Tao ran co-chair, live broadcast synchronously.

In the two-hour awards ceremony, including the best news award, five categories of 16 awards were announced.Among them ," best news award "winner Zhang Kan in the award-winning speech said :" In the future, I will be more sincere, enthusiastic and serious on the way to interview and report, to complete more good works ." In addition to affirming the award-winning works, the award-winning teachers also praised the platform provided by our college for the students, and encouraged everyone to seize the opportunity to devote themselves to the creation with higher enthusiasm, more rigorous attitude and more professional spirit, and to show their professional demeanor heartily.

It is worth mentioning that this "best art photography award" winner vacancy, judge teacher Tang Tianming gave his explanation.He stressed that a good work, at least to meet the ideological depth, exquisite skills, well-made one of the conditions. He hopes that the students will do some thinking and practice from a professional point of view as much as possible.

Against the special background of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020 and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way in China, compared with previous years, this Professional Style Exhibition has also set up a class of awards —— courses of ideological and political works awards.The winners of the "Me and You in the Epidemic" and "My Home to a Well-off Society" awards were invited to the stage to share the team's original intention and journey.

In the award gap, there are wonderful programs interspersed. The opening dance of the art troupe ignited the atmosphere; the dialect recitation ushered in a laugh; a song "Fanghua" full of literary and artistic flavor; rap "Junan No" aroused people's memories of campus time; adapted version of the drama "in the epidemic ", reproduced the selfless dedication of ordinary people during the epidemic, tear-provoking...

A special session was set up at the end of the party.A few leading teachers in common bright crystal ball, announced the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China special planning ———"100 people "all media action officially launched.

Finally, in the chorus of teachers and students "We are all dreamers ", the fifth Professional Style Exhibition and the first course of ideological and political exhibition award party successfully ended.

As a brand activity in the construction of our college's style of study, the Professional Style Exhibition, through a series of high-quality activities, such as lecture, competition, exhibition and performance, strives to help students improve their professional accomplishment and practice level, and create a learning atmosphere for excellence. As Shen Firu, deputy secretary of the college party committee, said :" We want more students to participate ." Our college is always a stage for all new students to show their personal style, experience professional skills and improve their vocational skills.

Article/Xiang Tianmeng, Zhang Jingjing, Department of Public Information

Photos/Tang Tianming, Xia Yishan, Sun Jiwen, Tang Yuyun Xu Suhan, Wang Han, Photography Department