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To Spread Love Media Forum: Is There Any Room for Business at the End of We Media Bonuses?

On the afternoon of December 22nd, Mei Ya, the staff writer of Southern Weekly, the writer of Fashion COSMO and the founder of WeChat official account Meiya in Hong Kong, was invited to the School of Journalism & Communication of Nanjing Normal University to give students a lecture about entrepreneurship and employment guide as an experienced professional. Associate Professor Qian Jun hosted the lecture.

Miss Mei Ya shared her operating experience of the official account Meiya in Hong Kong, analysed the current situation of business on We Media, and answered some questions about starting a business on it.

Ⅰ Current Situation of We Media

Miss Mei Ya pointed out that the number of WeChat official accounts has reached up to 20 million in 2017, but behind the booming number of the accounts, it's quite difficult for accounts to grow readership. It becomes more and more inpossible to turn readers into followers only through popular articles, so it's harder for operators to monetize the traffic. As a result, the income of people who operate the accounts will be depressed. Miss Mei Ya said that for the time being, there are five ways to make money through operating the accounts:  advertising revenue, e-commerce,  paying for knowledge, building one's own brand, and introducing other capital.

Ⅱ The Reason Why It's Harder for Operators of We Media to Make Money

With the number of WeChat official accounts rapidly growing, the content inevitably tends to be assimilated. As a result, readers' enthusiasm will definitely diminished for reading the same content in many different official accounts. Besides, many operators don't realize that it's vital for an official account to keep one main style in its articles. So they pubilshed articles with many different subjects and styles, and their readers won't keep tabs on the accounts and of course won't be their followers. Besides, it becomes harder and harder to monetize the traffic. What's more, the Matthew effect also applies to the operation of WeChat official accounts.
Miss Mei Ya bets on two kinds of WeChat official accounts. The first are super popular accounts whose regular readers are more than 100000 so that they can live on the traffic. The second are small but professional accounts. They can live on users' stickiness.

Ⅲ How Could We Media Get off the Hook

First, establish the unique style of your own official account. Second, make sure the accuracy, the completeness and the validity of the contents for your regular readers. Third, try your best to strengthen users' loyalty to your accounts.

Ⅳ The Preparatory Work for Starting a Business on We Media

First, use Quora, Toutiao and other We Media platforms to attract followers. Second, find out what your followers are really interested in. Third, take exercise as much as possible to stay physically fit.

At last, Miss Mei Ya answered some students' questions. Qian Jun summarized the lecture and expressed our sincere thanks to Miss Mei Ya.