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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.44):Professor Chun-Hsiang Hsia Shared “From Symbol to Substance: the Reconstruction of Ideological History of Communication Studies”

At half-past one this afternoon, on May 14, Chun-Hsiang Hsia, Professor of College of Oral Communication of Shih Hsin University, General Editor of Communication Research and Practice (TSSCI) brought lectures themed “From Symbol to Substance: the Reconstruction of Ideological History of Communication Studies, Professor Zhenglin Luo presided over the lecture.
At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Hsia pointed out that this lecture focuses on the community management in the history of communication studies, so we should firstly have a knowledge of communication effects and symbolism. 
Later, he draws on Innes' interpretation of Media Ecology to give rise to the concepts of "symbolic" and "symboltic". He believes that the interpretation of semiotics of communication is reflected in the bias of communication, the cultural significance of semiotics interpretation lies in the power management of social organizations.   
Next, he points out that "materiality" is an indispensable aspect of Innes' viewpoint on Media Ecology.
In the concept of “materiality",  "invisible technology enables the invisible to be seen", which means a new direction of research like Post-human existence and virtual reality in the media new world of intermediation and mobilit. According to Hsia, this studies should not be limited to a professional perspective, but should be exposed to a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, including British cultural studies, French cultural strategies, German cultural skills and American cultural geography, to name a few.
Through this lecture, students learned a new perspective to understand communication studies, which laid a solid foundation for future research and learning of new methods and new ideas.