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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.48):Professor Liu Kang Shared "American Media and Cultural Politics of This Age"

In the afternoon of May the 28th, Professor Liu Kang, Department of Asian and Middle East Studies,Duke University of the United States, brought a cross-cultural exchange to the majority of postgraduate students in Conference Room 408 of Journalism and Communication Building"American Media and Cultural Politics of This Age".The lecture was chaired by Professor Zhang Xiaofeng, Dean of the Academy of Literature. Professor Li Wei and Professor Liu Zhiquan of Liberal Arts College attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Liu Kang firstly shared with us three revolutions of American political communication.Then he led us to review the history of American humanities research.Next,Mr. Liu Kang talked about the trend of contemporary American humanities research.Finally,Professor Zhang Xiaofeng summarized the lecture.He pointed out that under the current international situation and social background, students should have an international perspective and think from multiple perspectives. Only in this way can we better adapt to the trend of the times. Professor Li Wei and Professor Liu Zhiquan shared their feelings one after another, and the students also spoke actively.