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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.51): Professor Scott Talan Shared “The 5 Laws of Media”

The morning of May 30, Scott Talan, assistant professor of Communication School of American University,master of Public Administration from Harvard University, politics and economics bachelor's from University of California, Davis, was invited to our school for the theme lectures“The 5 Laws of Media” in Room 408. Professor Zhuang Xi presided over this lecture.
This lecture is a change from the past style. Professor Scott Talan asks students to have a self-introduction to close the distance, which not only activated the classroom atmosphere, but also deepened our understanding of each other. In addition, Professor Scott Talan tells his "story" and his connection with China in vivid language.In fact, he has given lectures at Tsinghua University, Xiamen University and Renmin University of China, and participated in many projects between China and the United States.
Then, he leads to social media "Nine Points Method", including content sharing, blogs, social networks, online games, internal social network, crowdsourcing , network meme, and E-mail, which gave students a further understanding of the classification of social media.
In addition, Mr.Scott told the students about the transformation of traditional media. Taking American media as an example, he explained the evolution process of "newspaper -- radio -- television -- Internet". Present students can not help but sigh that the development of media has no end, and the development of media has always affected the spread of human civilization.
At the end of the discussion, professor Scott Talan's wit and humor turn the lecture into a "tea party" for intimate communication between friends. As he said, media is still developing, so students should devote themselves to media research with greater enthusiasm.