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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.53):Professor Hong Junhao shared "Different Theories and Methodologies on Communication Studies"

In the morning of June the 3th, Professor Hong Junhao,a lifelong-tenure professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Communication, New York State University visited the School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing Normal University.In Conference Room 408 of Journalism and Communication Building, he gave a lecture on "Different Theories and Methods of Communication Studies", chaired by Professor Zhang Xiaofeng, Dean of the school.

When discussing the research methods of communication science,Professor Hong firstly talked about the transformation of Communication Science in the course of its development.Professor Hong mentioned that in the development of Communication Science in the past 100 years, the most important thing is to realize its transformation from humanities to social sciences.Then, Professor Hong talked about the issues of doctoral training in the light of his own teaching experience.Professor Hong compared the doctoral training modes in Europe and America with that in China,and believed that doctors should undergo very strict training. First, they should train their own theoretical system, and second, they should learn the main scientific research methods. Doctors must attach importance to the study of related courses in order to lay a solid foundation for future research.

Professor Hong also talked about the inheritance of communication studies, the boundaries of communication studies, theories and theoretical perspectives, and many other issues. Professor Hong's in-depth and shallow explanations are of great benefit to the students'study of communication research methods. His unique views and brilliant narratives won warm applause from everyone.